Shit fixie skidders say...

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  • uh. My bike is the Serotta townie not that thing lol.

    Though I have ridden with the guy that owns that bike. Pretty good rider, surprisingly.


  • Chipped a derailleur but not sure how or when. Hit it just now on doors for a lift because I am wearing jeans. Do I complain to the train operator or the rail station or is this simply a case of user error?

  • My talbot didn't have clearance for big tyres, which is a shame as Ive turned to more off road touring these days.

    It's just hashtags, likes, and "link in bio" all the way down, isn't it?

  • So attacked

  • This is one of the mose beautiful track bike ive ever seen. The simplicity mixed with the beauty and prophetic set up this bike has been built. Happy 2020!

    Fallin in love with it every single RPM and cadence we mash.

    You as well, brother. And may we mash all streets with safety and a little bit of adrenaline. Or more adrenaline lol

    Steel fixed gear page on fb, top lolz

  • He'll be riding an electric Brompton before Christmas...

  • 2 tru

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  • I'm an artist.

  • I'm an artist.

    Can confirm

  • I haven't taught myself any tricks :-(

  • Christ alive. That can't be for real.

  • [about 50 posts arguing about Swarfega]

  • Shit bike mechanics say?

  • Close the thread. This cannot be bested.

  • I’ll be Singlespeeding

  • The geo checks out


  • The bikes I really liked riding were the ones that had a certain
    trait, like an old steel tourer that was royally plush, an alu
    fast-ish bike that just made a lovely, luxurious silence and
    immediately felt expensive, the 29er is like a big bouncy, stupid toy,
    but the Free Ranger is kind of bland and nothing-ish, at least in
    stock build. Zero character.

  • I'd be wary of commuting 8km on that thing

  • I honestly thought that my reply to that comment would end up in here.

  • There's a case to be made but the other one was an absolute sitter.

  • I was going to reply to you and say I don't like my carbon road bike because it has no soul, but this thread was haunting me

  • It's far from the worst thread to be quoted in

  • no road bike on the market keeps me awake thinking about it and wishing I was riding it.

  • I suppose a real challenge would be a single sentence that gets in here and in the golf club thread.

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Shit fixie skidders say...

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