Shit fixie skidders say...

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  • Then there is a double sink for washing up elsewhere in the kitchen. That is where dirty things go, and if needs be can be left to soak.

    At least now you know where to go in James' house if you ever turn up with a dirty bike. :)

  • I often scuff my shoes with the tyre.

  • I also wish someone would just make some tight denim cutoff shorts with a chamois

  • Have a look/dm me at my insta for legitness

  • Can someone clear something up please? The name of this thread - is it:

    ‘Fixie skidders who are shit say...’
    ‘The shit that fixie skidders (shit or otherwise) say...’

  • Closer to the second one.
    Written in the same was as many other 'Shit [insert demographic] Say'

  • Cheers! You’re both clearly the un-shit variety of fixie skidder.

  • so i'm planning on buying my first carbon track frameset as i have now been on the track scene for about the whole summer

  • Seems legit

  • Has anyone told them that steel is real?

  • functionality aside, key part is bike-packing bags look cooler than panniers,

    Imagine being on a sick tour with panniers, you've ridden through the night into dawn, been sleeping in ditches Monday and Tuesday, it's now Wednesday. First person you see in days on a bike goes by, you wave, and all they think is "that guy is a bit overloaded for the commute".

    couldn't handle.

  • Think this one was bait:

    As I like to shredd some rubber on the asphalt, tubs are not the way to go.


  • Judge Shredd

  • Rear tyre is just a burner for skids

  • Every time the weather turns nice I find myself looking through NJS export for a sparkly street whip.

  • dont know what to buy, it can be in alu, steel or carbon and i want that mean track look lol

  • Shit gravel skidders say

    I did the whole of Dirty Reiver this year with a hip flask in my cargo bibs.

  • I miss track bikes a bit, such simpler days.

  • Shit ex-fixie skidders say?

  • It was simpler. We didn't have Instagram, we argued over gear ratios, and we even met in person in pubs.

  • It was also incredibly fucking fun.

  • People on the forum meeting each other and riding bikes?

    As if

  • I did it once, bunch of weirdos if you ask me!

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Shit fixie skidders say...

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