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    1. it doesn't
    2. at best, it might be relative to your own performances
  • Do you have custom hr zones?
    When I'd entered custom hr zones based on more different calculations to the strava default, for some reason my scores were way smaller. I contacted support and they said essentially its just the way it is.

    Ultimately it's personal and you can't compare between people but I think it's understandable to want the higher scores as ultimately it gives a more granular scale

  • @chez_jay @hippy @yoshy

    Thanks for the replies!

    So it would seem it's not comparable with other people. My friends trending fitness level score also has a way higher value than mine.

    One thing we did discover was that our setting for max heart rates were different, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    It's no biggie really, I was just curious how we could get such different data results from the same ride.

  • One thing we did discover was that our setting for max heart rates were different, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    If that's the only HR metric you have given strava it absolutely will affect it. They will use a standard algorithm to define your HR zones based on that maxHR, and then assign 'time in zones' based off ride info and that algorithm, as others have said.

  • I went and had a look on Strava - 25% of your pals ride was z3, while yours was entirely z1 & z2 so a pretty big difference, z1 and z2 don't score much.

    #csb: I once tried to pull a load of ride data to try and work out the polynomial they apply to hr data to get the score, and failed

  • I went on Jonathan O'Keeffe's Strava multiple ride mapper webpage for the first time in ages and the transparency and width sliders seem to be missing so it's hard to see all the routes I've ridden. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • When did they merge virtual segments and the real world??

  • it is broken for me now too. it stops loading rides at a certain date and then hangs. I'm using Chrome so should try a different browser.

  • My power data has been all over the place last few rides, is there an easy way just to set an average for the whole ride. More for training load, freshness stats

  • I'm using this site now instead, seems to work fine.

  • good example of 'name your ride'

  • A ride that is showing in Garmin Connect and has been named ‘Morning Ride’ in Trainerroad isn’t showing up in Strava. Any ideas?

    I’ve checked all my privacy settings.

    It’s very important that 15-18 riders validate me for going on my bike.

  • Is there a way to turn off or hide challenges? Just getting bombarded by them every time I log in.

  • In a browser, try the strava-helper add-on. In the phone app, no as far as I can tell.

  • Strava is giving me a "server not responding" but only on posts, not activities. I made a post, accidently 5 times but can't delete any of them. Can't view other people's "posts" either. Only using the mobile app at the minute.

    Have logged out, uninstalled and all that to no avail. Anyone else had this?

  • What a read, I think I saw a mention of that story on Cycling Tips a few weeks ago but hadn't read the whole thing, it's quite a tale!

  • "even those who have applied the strongest possible account privacy settings."

    That's bullshit though. If your stuff is "private" it never appears in the leaderboards (and it can be set so this is the default option) so this is all on the idiots logging strava runs in their own military bases - an exposure that was already common knowledge from a few years ago.

    Ah, it mentions the previous one, from 2018.

    "Strava’s response to the uproar was to advise military users to opt out" yeah, no shit Sherlock.

  • Also clearly confirms that running is stupid :)

  • clearly confirms that anyone on a secret military base who uploads public gps data is stupid

    Maybe just don't Strava that jog when you're somewhere highly sensitive

  • You'd think that would be policy across all military shit, secret or otherwise, wouldn't you?

    I mean, the fuck our GPS up and get Google to blur maps but then some knob head runs around their special little bases with their Garmin on and posts it to the world.

    "Military Intelligence, two words combined that don't make sense" - thanks Megadeth

  • “Our guys have appalling operational security, this is all strava’s fault!”

    Seems like the stenographer journalist who wrote this press release up didn’t think to question the validity of this position

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