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  • I reset my privacy zone and all but 4 of my KOM's disappeared.

    They are still there when I go look at the individual segments but no in the KOM/CR section. None of them are in the privacy zone.

    I mean its fine but would prefer an easily accessible list.

  • Not sure if here or the GPS thread best but strava posting two activities for one cycle with a bike comp and a watch is really annoying.

  • Can't you turn off auto upload on one of them?

  • It's using garmin connect, seems to only be one auto upload tab.

    Will need to have a play around with them anyway and work out if I can link the watch and bike computer etc, link strava segments.

  • What is the best and hopefully simplest tool to cut a section out of one GPX file and add it to another?

    I have two GPX files. Mine where I forgot to restart my Garmin after a pause mid-ride and a riding buddy who recorded the section I missed. I want to cut out the middle section of his and paste it into mine.

    Something like this to split (haven't used myself)
    Then to combine (have used this before) might be able to just use the combiner but without files to test it with I can't remember how sophisticated the options were as to which file takes preference.

  • Load both to RWGPS, export both as TCX, open with notepad, cut and paste into at the right time. Save, upload to Strava.

  • your efforts may be nugatory as the resultant file will have incorrect timestamps to be accepted on strava for example. they may fix it for you

    but of course it dpends what you want the file for

  • Pretty sure the gotoes site can fix timestamp if required

  • Thanks all, sorted now.

    @sidewinder I tried the­ site but once i had chosen a file i couldn't see the wrench icon on screen either on my phone or desktop PC or any other way of moving forward.

    @Kurai yup, this did it. Upload both to ridewith gps, download TCX file, open with notepad, cut out the part I wanted and then paste into my original file. I then uploaded again to ridewithGPS before downloading and uploading to Strava.

    Strava didn't like it at first until I realised it was telling me it was a duplicate of the ride I had already uploaded, so I deleted the original from Strava and then re-uploaded successfully.

    @freezing77 all I really wanted was to be able to follow the new parts of the route I haven't ridden before and of course to get the total distance ridden correct.

    @sidewinder yeah the moving time is incorrect telling me I was moving for 7 hours on a ride that lasted no more than 4 but it's not that important to me. Perhaps I will try to fix the timestamp another day but for now I'm happy.

  • Made to a 100,000 miles on strava this morning.

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  • great work, only 20k behind you :)

    EDIT: try tackling some mountains next, that biggest climb stat is pretty small

  • Yeah I only get to ride from the front door which is on the south coast. I can only ride what I can get to in about 5 hours.

    I'm guessing that biggest hill was somewhere on my ride home from Glasgow.

    Just over 97k of it's fixed, so there is that, lol......>>>> shit fixie skidder

  • Anyone had any joy in getting excluded efforts, not excluded?

    I've tried the corrupt file fixer on fitfiletools, but not sure what else I can try. Presuming it's bad GPS data as whilst it was a fast segment attempt, it wasn't at vehicular speeds.

  • I emailed them. They un-excluded them.

  • There is a young guy in my local area who I know dimly… we end up at quite a few of the same local races and we’ve spoken a couple of times. We follow each other on Strava, and he gives me kudos on literally EVERY SINGLE activity, and what’s more he’s always the first.

    At first I assumed he just spent all his time on Strava but he follows 1000 people and other people I know get the same treatment. Surely he must be using some kind of a bit to automatically give kudos to everyone on his feed? Does such a thing exist?

  • That explains a lot. And undermines the true meaning of kudos.

  • Why?

    Makes Kudos even more meaningless.

    I'm assuming it's just some lame shit to grow your profile?

  • I'm assuming it's just some lame shit to grow your profile?

    This is my guess too… Strava influencers

  • Strava influencers

    I always wanted to see the future... it isn't going well.

  • Is this why I see some people in 100+ groups even though they have no right being in them?

  • The guy I’m talking about has around 1500 followers, follows 1000 people and is in over 100 clubs… he was also featured on the Strava Wankers Twitter account for giving stupid names to his activities.

    He’s just a kid though so maybe it’s how the young folk do things nowadays.

  • I would assume so yeah. Spread yourself as far and wide as possible to collect attention from the most people/groups/yadayada.

  • External validation.

    I wonder what the human race will be like in 50-100 years, when no one has any intrinsic motivation so nothing gets done unless there's the promise of 100 "likes" for it.

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