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  • Was a bit impressed by the Strava routeplaner, with throwing these nice surface descriptions at me creating a route from a ride ten days ago.

    Today I look at this again and Strava are obvs. just marketing OSM?

    Hadn’t realised how very good OSM it is at this.

  • Ugh, I've had a ton of this in the last few days. I also had similar on RideWithGPS, for gods sake!

  • My profile got hacked the other week and was, for a short period of time, one of these spam accounts, enticing pic and all. So lame.

  • It's very annoying, partly cos it took ages to take said enticing picture down from the kudos against the ride, which is kind of embarrassing! and Ride with GPS, seriously - that's surely clutching at straws, they must get no return or benefit from going to those lengths!

  • My Strava activities are no longer showing those who I rode with in the 'group'. Strangely I still appear in the converse group in my friend's activity.

    I've checked my privacy settings and they're set so that my activities are visible to those I follow. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Major outage.

  • Good thing I didn't go for a ride this morning!

  • Literally no point in doing anything

  • This works when I got cake earlier.

  • I uploaded a ride first thing this morning fine and i'm still seeing other peoples rides up to about 8:00 am

  • I think it’s because they’ve pushed out the new software before US wakes up.

    Got the new app but my ride not showing after an hour.

  • Just went into the Wahoo app and pushed the activity to Strava manually and it worked almost instantly...

  • Anyone know if there is a way to separate out the people you follow into groups? I want to split out pros and real people. I don't need to be seeing 25mph average tonnes in my daily stream tyvm.

  • Don't follow pros

  • I think this is the real answer.

  • How's everyone coping?

    Support group list:

    1. anyone?

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  • My subscription rolled over from cheap minimum to get live segments to a full subscription and I didn't bother doing anything about it. Cancelled this month and re-joined with annual billing and it's gone down from ~£7 (8 euro) to £4 p/m.

    Also, if you do subscribe, go to Explore in the top bar, then Subscriber Perks. Activate the first one - Sundays Insurance, appears to be free GPS device insurance up to £350 plus a £30 taxi fair home.

    Cool story bro.

  • Not a bad deal

  • Thanks. Done

  • I've been on Strava since November 2012 and I'm now approach 100k Miles(all real miles, no swift etc). At the start of the year I had approximately 10,200 miles to reach the 100k mark and I gave myself the arbitrary target of doing by my birthday which is the 27th August.

    I'm currently on 7,507 miles for the year and my overall total standard at 97,335 miles, so well on target currently. The weather in May was rubbish and I was out sick for 3 days too, so got behind. But June's been good so far and I'm on target for my first 1500 mile month of the year.

    The next little mile stone I have after that will be 100k miles fixed as my geared bikes have only done about 4,000 miles currently. (I Should just post that straight in the shit fixie skidder thread)

    I don't think strava provides any state around overall miles done by people, but Veloviewer does. There's a guy with over 244,000 miles! and 150 people with over 100k miles. I guess somebody who's in there 20 now might be able to make a million miles.

  • I guess somebody who's in there 20 now might be able to make a million miles.

    Cycling and record keeping existed long before Strava:-­interview-russ-mantle-82-the-first-uk-cy­clist-to-ride-1-million-miles

  • Well yes, I know a million miles has been done, but I was referring to it being recorded on strava

  • Anyone know why, for runs over 5k, Strava sometimes gives me a 5k time, sometimes doesn't?

    And/or is there a way to extrapolate a time for the first 5k of a run if Strava doesn't show it?

    I'm trying to run 5k at least once a week and I feel like keeping an eye on my time for it would be good. I've done (pretty much) the same route so far so I could just look at the time for the entire run but I'm mostly doing a little bit over the 5k and I might stop Strava further from home if I get the 5k done and feel fucked and resort to walking home and I will want to change the route (and therefor total distance) at some point.

  • I just look at the pace for the entire run rather than the actual 5k times, then you don't have to care about length of runs.

    If you want your best 5k time from a run then Veloviewer will extract that from your Strava activities for you, although bear in mind it the best 5k time might be a #RossBarkley net elevation loss type record.

  • This may not be the reason but I looked into this once and established that it will only log a time for a 5k etc. if there is a 5k stretch with start and finish at same altitude or a higher finish - if you are on a route that trends downwards it considers it descent-assisted, basically.

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