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  • Why the hell would anyone on an ebike run Strava in the first place?

  • For all the same reasons everyone else uses Strava

  • My partner tracks her e-cargo-bike mileage for tax purposes and correctly logging the bike used for all rides allows me to tack component life across the whole fleet and anticipate maintenance.

  • It's not like everyone on an e-bike is delimiting it and going out to smash strava segments. Most are probably using strava to plot routes and do rides and maybe track their progress - you still gotta pedal on a lot of these. I just like that it proves once again how pointless getting upset about KOMs is. Do a proper race and beat people if you wanna legit willy wave.

  • In 'sport' there are options for 'ride' and 'e-bike ride'. I think if you select the latter you aren't on leaderboards, though there's a fair chance a lot of people don't know this.

  • If you add a bike to your profile as an e-bike, I think all rides for that bike should be locked to "e-bike ride".

    But Strava, and they can't monetise that development work.

  • I think the main issue is people being completely unaware. Much like how many leaderboards are filled with GPS errors.

    As @hippy says, best to take them with a pinch of salt.

    Also, although probably a very small minority, there will deffo be people who intentionally nab KOMs on their ebikes.

  • That would be great, though again the onus is on the user to use all of the little 'gear' features, and not many do

  • If you add a bike to your profile as an e-bike, I think all rides for that bike should be locked to "e-bike ride".

    Yeah, but the vast majority of people don’t add their bikes to Strava. Maybe Strava will push people to enter their bike details, but it won’t stop the ignorant or malicious.

  • Maybe Strava will push people to enter their bike details

    If they do this mine is going in as a Raleigh Twenty

  • Fair enough, I stand corrected.

  • Site down :(

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  • And Fly-By is now opt in.

  • Ah I wonder why that had disappeared from my most recent ride.

  • And Fly-By is now opt in.

    Stalkers going to have to find another way to stalk.

  • It seems like you can see the Nile. Anyone know what the straight bits in Central Asia are?

  • Probably the two most popular round the world routes, depending if you can get a visa for Iran. If yes, then through Turkmenistan going SW to NE, and if no, then the A380 in Uzbekistan from Aktau ferry port.

  • Thats very cool. Spent many days head scratching, researching that area with a view to setting off sometime in a world where Covid 19 didnt exist. Really wanted to do Iran, didnt fancy that boat. But politics innit.

  • Late to the chat of KOMs but a week after we first went into Lockdown earlier in the year when central London went full dead, I went out for a ride to take some pictures of empty landmarks and it occurred to me when approaching Oxford street that it might be my chance to crack the KOM.
    I got lucky with the lights and had a clean run with no traffic, got the KOM and as it started to get busier on the streets, I thought it would be pretty secure given the chances of getting another clean run with no busses or red lights

    Then about 2 months ago someone went and did it at 5am and I'm still sour.


  • ;-)

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  • Chapeau! That used to be on my commute, but I never got close, even stupidly early in the morning you're held up by traffic.

  • Ooooh not in London but I would be real happy with that in the cabinet!

    Love Strava and getting KOM's and not embarrassed about it.

  • I found out today that you can't un-kudos an activity on strava. That's annoying. And slightly embarrassing.

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