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  • Has anyone used Tapiriik? Only really use Strava to track distance and that for my own reference and every so often compare my own segment times through the years as a novelty. Never been in to the social side of it at all. My 'worry' is if Strava were to go tits up I'd lose a lot of this information so want to move historic data to a different system to have duplicate. Tapiriik looks to do this and says it will move historic data and not create duplicates of rides that I've already got on Garmin Connect, just wondering if anyone has had any previous issues with it though.

  • It works but it takes a while, queue will be full now more people are looking to move their data.

  • StravistiX plug in on Chrome seems to still work for now, that shows you how you did on all the segments, compare to your PB, yearly PB and KOM holder.

  • You mean this kind of view will disappear?

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  • Aye, I now get this,

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  • Surely that’ll be disappearing soon as they’ve removed the api stuff?

  • Ok, no massive loss to me but it is defo a more useful feature than comparing times against others.

  • .

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  • thought the route planner was pretty cool (if laggy compared to rwgps) until i realised that routes that sync to a wahoo don't have any cues. utterly useless! i can see cues on print view!

  • The economics are all wrong. You use Strava for a few minutes a week. That ain't worth £60 a year.

    Compare it to Zwift which is 2x the cost that you'd use for a few hours a week.

  • I thought you'd be a golden cheetah nerd

  • I was so pissed when I realised I had to redraw (and not even just import) all my Strava routes in RideWithGPS to get turn-by-turn on my Wahoo.

  • You use Strava for a few minutes a week

    You probably meant 'I'

  • Do you have nothing better to do?

  • Oh, I also use Golden Cheetah for some stuff like its aerolab, but I was well into WKO usage before I ever heard of GC.

  • I like it, and am not upset about how much I use it or pay for it

  • 'Due to new limitations in Garmin Connect's API, tapiriik can no longer upload activities to your Garmin Connect account'

    Well there's that plan out of the window then

  • Just seen in their update that they have a "small but mighty" team of 180 people. Given how many parts of their platform are close to abandonware, are they all in sales?

    Ha. My thoughts exactly.

    Turns out the new route builder is not bad, absolutely better than the old one, but who decided left-clicking on a point means I want the finish point to move there? And Undo sometimes messes up, come on... Lost my unsaved route couple times and had to restart too.

    I used to use Komoot's route builder a lot, I think UX-wise it's very good and easy to use. But sometimes the paths it auto-routes and available options, not so much. I need to take time to learn RWGPS route builder once and for all, possibly watching some video tutorials (lol) or use something else, if Strava's new route builder doesn't really work out.

    I'll keep my subscription for now, but if they're disabling global leaderboards/segments/traininglog for free users, that means they'll eventually get less and less data from the 'masses' which will make the heatmaps worse over time. And how they still don't have better club event/routing options, a "personal heatmap" option and more heatmap filters in the route builder still boggles the mind. Looks like they're betting on their critical mass as the #1 social sports network but if they alienate all their users (both old and new) who's going to be left using their network in a year? Risky last ditch effort, but again if their team is 90% marketing, that only leaves 10 to 15 engineers, so no new rabbits to pull out.

  • I don't get what's better about the new route builder? If I click and drag a point on the existing route to force a waypoint, nothing happens and I have to repeat the action several times to get it to work. It's a glaring fault and they shouldn't have released it like this. The route surface data they have is rubbish, worse than Komoot. The bright green map is awful to look at. As a paying user, I guess I'm going to make my routes with RWGPS now

  • Well, I was able to make two complete routes with it (despite the shortcomings mentioned, plus many more as you also discovered) since it was released... with the old one that wasn't possible.

  • You dont wank to @andyp ‘s numbers on strava?!?!!

  • Fucks sake! like four KOMs in the last two weeks!

  • To illustrate why I find the new route builder map so bad (apart from the waypoint issue), here is Stanage Edge on the old and new map. On the old one you can see at a glance the difference between North Lees (the road) and Long Causeway (the track) and minor footpaths. Now you have to actually put your route on it to see that Long Causeway is 'dirt'. Heatmap overlay is no help here.

    If I look at an unfamiliar area, it's just a mess of white lines everywhere, and it's really not clear where to start. Here is old and new again. Three grades of surface are collapsed into two, and it's no longer clear that there are no asphalted through roads.

  • Yep as above I have subscribed to Strava for now, will see how it goes, and had a reasonable experience planning a mage long ride on it, when back to edit it and it was so infuriating I've just spent the time replotting it on RWGPS... So much better, although you have to select the right map option on there as some have the same issue you mention below...

    Good username by the way, I know the road I assume you're named after (and the surrounding area) pretty well - nice riding up there!

  • Yes mate I love Holme and Colne Valley. Thick Hollins isn't really one of my favourite climbs, but the name always raised a smile

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