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  • Is there a way to see KOMs you’ve previously held?
    And also segments where you hold 2nd or 3rd etc?

    Yeah, on the Activities menu choose the 'Ego Dented' option at the bottom.

  • Nevermind, I’ve found out the answer is no.

  • They should defo add that feature..

  • Could you check via the "someone has dented your ego" email notifications?

  • Veloviewer will show you all your segment PRs in a table. Including a column for leaderboard rank at time of upload to Strava, if it was 1-10. And a column for current position. You can sort by either. So yes.


    Always very much liked this; what happened ?

  • I like it too. It's getting a "You have exceeded your request quota for this API" from googlemaps. Hopefully he can sort it out. Perhaps he needs donations...

  • I like it too but like better for the same kind of thing.

  • ‘Warning no activities found’ looks like no connection with Strava now?

  • Probably Strava being API cunts

  • I use strava to map my commute, it's around 12.5 miles and I usually average anywhere between 15-18mph. Anyway I've inherited a swanky new(er) phone from my sister and on today's commute - my usual route - I clocked a whopping 19.7mph average speed. What's going on? #phonedoping

  • Which way was the wind blowing?

  • Largely a tailwind, not enough to give me that much of a boost, though.

  • Have you examined the GPS trail in detail? Sometimes it is just so shitty that it adds a decent bit of distance by zig-zagging.

    Otherwise, have you considered you might just be faster? :P

  • Still my usual shit, slow self on the way home, so guess I got lucky with a tailwind.

  • I'm done with Strava. Maybe if I get a chance to explore the Kent Downs in detail and need to keep a record of explorations it might be handy, otherwise it is useless and the feed is full of garbage posts. The 'morning ride' commute feed is right up there with mums on FB posting a pic of their glass of wine saying 'it'd be rude not to!'

  • Exploring Kent Downs is exactly what I use it for, and logging training. I’ve discovered live segments are an excellent way to nail outdoor intervals without a power meter.

    Never really looked at the feed, not really interested in what other people are doing.

  • Yeah browsing strava has been dead since they brought in their 'algorithmic feed'. Still decent enough for logging though.

  • It's my occasional use of Zwift that did it, isn't it :'(

  • You're one of the only reasons I've not let go yet, even with the Zwift which is saying something.

  • Can you not filter out all that boring ( commute & turbo trainer ) shit?

    I haven't actually tried, as I don't look on there very often

  • Thing is, it's quite easy to automatically set your (automatically uploaded) rides to private so people don't have to see all your boring as fuck commutes which are essential to record every single day, for the mileage.

    That people don't is either because they're dumb, or ignorant, or are just happy to scroll through pages of Morning Ride.

    I've had to unfollow some people I know and like as they are serial offenders.

    I guess like most social feeds, strava has become saturated with people who will simply fill it with as much dross as possible, since - obviously - having lots of 'content' and 'numbers' is better than nothing.

  • Private rides don't count towards leaderboards or distance challenges do they? You'd think that since they added the ability to tag a ride as a commute they'd also give the option for others to filter out commutes from their feed, otherwise there doesn't seem much point to the tag.

  • I am on strava for tax purposes

  • Everybody should start working from home. That'll sort it

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