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  • I'm a bad, bad person. I thought it was hilarious.

  • So regarding your previous comment on GPS glitches etc., have a look at this segment I just stumbled across when checking my morning commute:

    OK, the first one looks like it might be related to Strava's moving time bug that many people have ranted about. It affects running really badly as it trusts some of the data from the device, but not the data that would give a more sensible answer. If there's a hole in the data then it generally picks the wrong data and arrives at the wrong answer.

    If you zoom out a bit on the top ride you can see what happens:-­063/analysis/6403/6875

    No data for a minute and 10 seconds but when the data arrives again it uses the GPS location of the last known location (the South side of the bridge), which is why it ends up jumping the length of the bridge in 3 seconds.

    Strava should be better at detecting this and clearing it up.

  • Starva needs more lolz.

    Aren't my ride titles good enough?

  • Strava's moving time bug

    I did a big spiel about this (including replicating the problem with hand made files) over 3 years ago and Strava have done fuck all about it:­unity/posts/208861027-Feedback-on-Run-Ta­gs-and-Moving-Time-Pace-Calculation?page­=7#comments

    (More to do with running but I guess they have similar code to detect for 'not moving' during cycle rides, which leads to similar screw ups.)

    It comes down to the device logging slightly misleading data, but Strava choosing to ignore this and display it when it is relatively simple to detect and fix.

  • Yeah, that's the kind of thing I meant by 'GPS glitch'. It's really annoying that Strava clearly not only has no algorithm to 'fix' stuff like that, there is also furthermore no filter to keep clearly wrong stuff from actually appearing on leaderboards. (As I said, even a simple maximum allowable velocity would be better than nothing, but there is not even that)

  • I like them.

    In other news, looking at my starva from last night it mapped me on to a segment I didn't even complete....

  • Is the "view weekly effort" tab working for others? Summit members. Its giving me a summary of summit features instead. Still have the little arrow logo on my pic

  • Logged out of app, logged back in, sorted it

  • Is it possible to use strava mobile app like a satnav (free account) so you can put a route into it and follow?

  • Not sure but if not then viewranger is very good free app for this.

  • In the record tab, in the bottom left there is a reverse 'S' in the bottom left that will let you load a route you have created or saved in Strava. It overlays the line on the map but I don't have any routes directly from my flat so can't tell you if you get cues etc.

  • Yes but you'll need to create the route in Strava first I think. Not sure if you can import a gpx instead of creating - possibly. No cues when you're riding, but a dot on a blue line to follow. Works well when I've done it. Also useful on a phone is to allow Strava to be accessed via the unlock button, without having to put in your security pattern or code. Much quicker and easier to glance at while riding if it's mounted on the bars. Quadlock is awesome for this.

  • Thanks All, very helpful. I never cycle that far normally, so have no clue about this. But vague plans for something a bit longer this year.

  • Creating the route within Strava from a desktop/laptop is really easy, and you can also have another tab open with your online cartogropher of choice, to look at routes/street view etc while creating. When you've saved it it appears straight away in your saved routes within the app.

  • OSMAND is pretty good for this, gives turn by turn instructions etc etc. Create the route using mapometer, bikely etc etc. Download the gpx to your phone, open with OSMAND, it will ask you if you want to use it for navigation.
    OSMAND uses offline maps so no need for data when navigating.

    Or you can use in "dumb" mode as just follow the line (saves a bit on battery)
    The blue radar thing is your position relative to the route.

  • Why can I not unthumbs up when I accidentally thumbsup someone?

  • Not worried. Just find it a bit daft. It's like not being able to edit a post.

  • I thought you could...?

  • Does anybody know if multi sport is available on Strava?

  • The freshness/ fitness/ fatigue graph is so dull, why are all the lines grey!?
    Also I don’t get why it’s not available on the app?

  • Also I don’t get why it’s not available on the app?

    Website and apps are two different technologies, written by two different teams who don't:
    a) talk to each other properly and plan things coherently
    b) have someone overseeing both to ensure (a) happens

    Either way, it's shit management.

    Happens for so many sites (Garmin Connect is a classic example).

  • Garmin Connect and Strava seemingly down during peak UK upload window. I'm losing kudos by the hour.

  • Strava has been up and down like a yoyo but it always is on the first sunny weekend day with better weather for a while...

  • It's terrible. I'm not sure I've actually been cycling.

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