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  • I smashed a 30km loop segment once. Proper *not-even-taking-time-to-wipe-the-snot-a­way *riding the whole way.

    Got home, and no KOM.


    Oh. I rode it in the wrong direction........


  • That's a pretty special trick. I mean, I've fucked up a lot of lap counts in my time but going backwards is neat. At least it wasn't a velodrome.

  • Here's my only KOM :

    31.9mph on 72GI, so that's an average cadence of 150-odd.

    Later in the ride I apparently hit 66.7mph, which is over 300rpm.

    Either I'm very fast indeed or Strava isn't that accurate.

  • ^ well done, plenty rpm :-)

    indeed Strava messes up top speeds regularly. you can check by clicking 'analysis' and looking at your speed graph. (two years ago I hit mach 2.5 apparently... but that was a Garmin bug /csb)

  • Strava could do with an auto pause feature. Went for a cafe break last weekend, then went and did leith hill only to remember I'd paused it while eating cake. D'oh!

  • I have 5 riding KOMs, and 5 running KOMs.

    The main trick in living in an obscure part of the world. A few of them of them only have 12 'competitors'.

  • I don't care about cycling KOMs, running CRs are harder to achieve.

  • I use the strava tables a lot for proper mountain Climbs. Where I tend to aim for the top 1/3 and am very happy if I make that. Saves me using the lap feature on my Garmin too. Which would only end badly. Best I dont touch too many buttons TBH.

    I cant touch any of the decent run segments. Too old, too slow.

    I have a handful of 1.5 km long segments I've run at 4:15min/km pace to snatch a CR from a massive group of say 10 other runners. So pretty weak.

    My bike KOMs are long drags or downhills, and one 30km loop I will defend With my life, as its my local nipping-out-for-an-hour ride.

  • Only segments I can get in the top ten on are uphill off road (which proves my choice of a 25c tyred fixed gear track bike off road is not a bad one for uphill speed!).

    I did make myself feel better by going premium for a month to see what the other OAPs like myself are up to.

    Biggest annoyance at the moment is my iPhone is losing some of the segment and then it doesn't count as it has deviated from route too much.

  • if you're recording with a phone then you're getting bad data anyway - amazed how hung up on losing/gaining seconds people get when recording with a device that may arbitrarily give you a faster time because of recording intervals and poor reception.. when you might in fact have been quicker another time.

  • I need all the help I can get so will take the faster times

  • If you're fading towards the crest of the climb, just lob the phone innit.

  • i fucking love strava

  • If you're fading towards the crest of the climb, just lob the phone innit.

    My descending KOMs are from 'ghostying' the bike at the steep bit.

  • How do you add photos to your rides in strava.. is it possible without linking to instagram?

  • Had a strange one this weekend, Rode a 60 mile course, no segments via strava. Uploaded my ride via Garmin and had 90 odd segments.

  • Finally got one of the QOMs on Camden Road going up the steeper side. I've been trying to get one for six months.

    Just got to get the other four now...

  • Finally finished the 48hr Pavé Challenge! 48hr 07mins on the clock with a small ride left tomorrow, and London > Reigate > Brighton to do on Saturday.

    Set to have 1000 miles on the clock in one month for the first time in over 2 years. Feeling so fucking good! Definitely going to take a week off to recover, eat, drink, relax and be merry. My legs are about to fall off

  • Chapeau. Do you have a job? ;-)

  • Unfortunately, yes.

    10miles to work, 30-60 after work 4 or 5 week days every week. Really not as easy as I'd hoped! There are some insane totals on there now though - 218hrs for the leader! How the feck does anyone physically sustain that kind of riding!?

  • why i no see this challenge?

  • Good skills. I need a job where I can commute by bike.

    And take the long route home.

  • Its the latter that's the hard part.
    I usually have that intention, but then get broken by that awful period just after lunch where patients and nurses expect things to start happening, and all I want to do is have a siesta.

  • I started the month very much the same - battling the strain of demanding clients/architects/bosses/other people I work with... then thought, fuck this - I need the time on the bike between each stint at work, to survive work. Seems to have done the job.
    Tan lines could be crisper, bike could be in better shape and I'm sure my girlfriend might have liked talking to me before 9 every evening, but I'm really feeling a lot lot stronger for it.

    Next challenge ending Monday is to find the time/energy to fit in the last 129 miles to make 1000. Not going to happen, methinks

  • It was also relatively flat with the exception of one or 2 excursions to the dark depths of the surrey hills, but being a bit slack on the first week made the last 2 weeks much more challenging than any hills could.
    I think I was at about 20hrs total, at the half-way point.

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