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  • I can practically taste the cream cheese on that

  • I stick my casserole on the hob on full whack for 10 minutes (The same when I'm doing pizza) before putting the dough in. So much quicker than heating it in the oven, and so much hotter. Also lessens the amount of time that it has to cool faffing around with dough.

    I have the oven turned to max - which seems to be about 260 / 270ish, and takes 20 - 30 minutes.

  • Thanks to whoever posted the Jim Lahey no knead bread recipe that was incredible đź‘Ś­s-jim-laheys-no-knead-bread.html

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  • Went for the 45 degree angle cut to see if I could get a bit of ear and pretty pleased with it! Gluten wasn’t that strong though as it flattened as soon as I popped the dough out of the banneton, more/better stretching and folding or a good knead might help next time, or perhaps slightly lower hydration?

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  • I’ve got some fresh yeast. I’m hoping this will improve the over all rise and crumb. My question is can I do a slow proof over night in the fridge like sourdough?

  • After a decidedly mixed bag of results lately - all of which have been eaten before I remembered to take a pic for the internet - I knocked this out in about 4hrs from start to finish due to impatience & hunger...

    90% strong Canadian / 10% rye / 65%(ish) hydration

    Chucked everything in the mixer at once while trying to get daughter ready for nursery then proved in warm oven for a couple of hours - knocked back then popped into banneton for another 40mins or so while waiting for the oven to heat up, 35mins in cast iron casserole dish at 250 and was pleasantly surprised it didn't turn out a big flat mess.

    The arse of it was a bit overdone but overall a pleasant fluke - 8/10 would wing it like this again.

  • Why do you reckon they’re both listing so uniformly and drastically?

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  • Have you put a level on your floor?

  • Shit. Could be subsidence.

  • Just turn them the other way halfway through the bake, it’s all good.

  • It’s been a couple of years since I baked regular sourdough so I revisited this video and was amazed at the number of little tips especially with shaping I’d forgotten so I’ll pearoast it.­andcrafted-how-to-make-3-kinds-of-bread-­from-1-sourdough-starter

  • Today's No Knead Loaf

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  • So nice. What’s the inside like?

    I had to buy shop bought bagged bread this week for the first time in ages.

  • Didn't take a crumb shot (it's now all sliced and in the freezer) but it's good. Decent amount of air but also no big bubbles which would lead to leaking butter.

    It's just such a quick, reliable and easy method.

  • How do you do the fancy pattern?

  • Flour the banneton for the white lines, the cane of the banneton will leave a flour residue.

    Cut a square into the surface for the square shape

  • Dough of sour, no tasting until tomorrow :(

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  • Twenty three minutes. The time it took me to cave in to the fresh bread smell, goddamit.

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  • We go for supermarket pitta when I haven't made a loaf in time to keep up with the family's rate of gluttony. Cheap and reassuringly few ingredients. Plus the kids eat then without complaint, unlike my breads with any amount of non-white flour (all of them).

  • 90% home milled wholemeal spelt

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  • I was envious of @Saffronspokes loaf

  • Looks amazing, go for the crumb shot. What’s your timescale on that, 24 hours from start to finish?

  • Deep score and lots of steam have made a difference. Very happy with this one.

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