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  • I've watched that video last night, I don't actually feel like it's a lot less work than doing the same with a sourdough starter vs yeast in terms of effort. With the introduction of the folds in the methods it actually makes it just as hands on no?

  • Well,
    I don't generally keep my starter that fired up, and like to warm it up for 2/3 feeds before using, so in that sense it's less effort.
    With this method I don't do any folds per-se, my routine for it is; mix everything up at 10pm, leave to ~7-8am, knock it back (not fold, literally just turn edges into centre), leave for an hr, shape, leave for 1-2hrs, stick in oven.
    So in terms of the less hassle proclamation from me, perhaps if you've got a warmed up starter and are not doing any stretch and fold, it's similar. I currently have a rye-fed starter and find that 6x stretch and fold over 3hrs works well for me but does add in the hassle.
    Either way I think it's a good option - if you've not warmed up the starter and want a quick loaf

  • Ha right, does sound like a lot less than what he actually does in the video so I understand now :)

  • herb sourdough with 12% wholemeal flour

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  • Another no knead easy loaf. Wessex Mill flour and 74% hydration.

    Excess flour knocked off before cutting and eating. My bannetons aren't great so I need to use quite a lot to get a good release.

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  • I use a couche cloth (fancy name for a fucking tea towel) to line my bannetons. It works so much better than flouring the banneton especially with higher hydration doughs.

    If you want to highlight fancy scoring just dust the loaf before cutting.

  • I don't want to mix up threads here but can anyone recommend a good, but not DJ priced bread knife?

  • Super cheap, wooden stirrer and a razor blade.

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  • Ta, will try the tea towel method. Not fussed on fancy flour lines, just find I need a lot to prevent any sticking.

  • £10

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  • Didn’t read properly

    These are cheap but really well reviewed. I gave one to a Michelin starred chef after he let me into his kitchen to learn about bread making, and he can’t believe how good it is.

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  • Thanks All!

  • Quite pleased with these; also feat. Opinel N°116 bread knife which I recommend.

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  • They look stunning

  • Top - cast iron

    Bottom - La Cloche

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  • Side profile

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  • This is v nice. Via bakery bits

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  • Doing 3 loaves at time now.

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  • Getting to grips with the BROVN, but scoring game 3/10, I’d say.
    25% einkorn wholemeal loaf.
    70% hydration seems to be perfect for me.

    I tried to make baguettes the other day, total failure- think I over stretched as they were too long for the base steel of the BROVN meaning I then had to re work the dough.
    Will try again this week probably on my days off.

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  • Nice, cast iron FTW I guess. I think it retains it’s heat better once the dough gets put in and promotes the spring but a total guess.

    I’ve just shaped my first levain-only pizza dough to prove in the fridge until this afternoon, it’s nice to have an active starter after a couple of years of convenient instant yeast. Using Wessex Mill pizza flour which although high in protein also has some semolina flour added so double unknown factors, 🤞

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  • Do you have space in your oven or do you cook them one by one?

  • Anyone used or own one of these!
    Challenger bread oven­challenger-bread-pan/ref/Leavenly/

    250 big ones..
    I want one as it’ll allow me to make larger loaves and hopefully get more oven spring and more open crumb..

    But £250!!!

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  • Yes, slightly ashamed of having one. It's not actually as big as you might think though. A 1kg round only just fits across the width. It does let you make batard, although not particularly big ones either. Previously I used a le creuset soup pot with a rounded bottom which supported a round loaf and hid some problems with getting enough tension so having swapped to challenger it's highlighted some issues which I've been trying to fix. On average I've had better loaves out of it, but most of the loaves on here are excellent and don't use it.

    We have a steam oven and I think it gets better rise and crumb but for some reason I get a more rounded cross section rather than semi circular. I've not tested it enough though.

    I think I'd buy it again, although I also think some lessons in sourdough might be money better spent especially if you have a lodge combo or low sided base pot thing equivalent already.

  • Yeah I don’t have a low sided thing, so have been dropping my loaves into my Dutch pot from a height to avoid burnt hands..
    Other option would be this­=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_2J301YZK29NMY5940AB­A

    Which is about £80, but only really allows you to do round loaves..

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