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  • Another batch of day of the dead bread. Used orange zest instead of tangerine zest, a milder taste.

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  • Does the zest thing work?

  • Yeah, very nicely. I zested 2 oranges for 500g flour, would add another half next time. For the tangerines I used 2 but they were particularly large (edit- and I used 300g flour, no wonder they tasted stronger...). An aunt recommended using orange blossom extract but I haven’t tried it.

  • What’s the purpose of the orange?

    The main problem with homemade bread is that I baked this an hour ago. We’ve eaten half already.

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  • Latest loaf, in pot and out of pot.
    Really happy with the tear in this one.
    Just out of the oven so haven’t had a chance to slice it yet..

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  • At that stage where I'm missing sourdough; have my starter here, but my girlfriends flat is just too cold to do anything and I don't have either my proofing oven or Lodge combo cooker. Sad!

  • Is the problem with home made bread that it doesn't last very long or that it doesn't last very long?

  • Nice. I missed the obvious long discussion somewhere up thread about how to slash dough. What are you using?

    I changed to a pair of scissors, works way better than a knife (which had me sawing the dough and frequently bottoming out in the pot, bleargh).

  • Longer prove?

    Alternatively put the oven on the lowest setting for 10 mins to warm up a bit, turn oven off (important step here), and prove bread in warm-ish oven.

    Obviously this method is not without some risk if you get it wrong.

  • Gives it a characteristic slightly citrusy/floral/sweet note in the nose. If anyone’s had Three Kings’ Bread, it has a similar note, but TKB tastes more toasted and is denser than Day of the Dead bread, which should be light and sweet.

    Not affiliated with company below.

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  • Tried oven with the light on to try and create some kind of ambient heat, but mixed results.

  • Brought a lame off amazon to use to score.
    This is the second of about 10 loaves where I’ve actually liked the tear and felt I scored deeply and cleanly enough to get a good result. Have started scoring on an angle after hearing someone talk about it as well.

  • Googled ‘lame’ and nope!

    However, scoring at an angle is a new one on me, will give it a go, cheers.

  • Agree. Slabs of french butter and the loaf is gone in a day.

  • I've got a bag of light spelt flour, haven't started on it yet, as been going 25-40% rye, mixed with bread flour, recently, such a good flavour, especially for toast.

    Any tips for spelt? I was hoping to make a couple of smaller loaves, maybe one with cheddar and jalapeno, unsure how that would work with the spelt though.

  • Have you tried proofing in the oven with just the light on?

    Edit: sorry I just read literally the next post that you have

  • Tend to find spelt is more flavoursome than wheat flour but behaves similarly to wheat. It’s no as wildly different in the way rye is a completely different thing to handle.

  • Cheers.

    I hate working with rye but find the pay off is worth it.

  • Missus says this loaf tastes really good. About to make bacon sarnies with it.
    Loving the holes in it.

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  • With the changing temps I'm struggling to get my proofing times right. So I've ordered a terrarium heating mat with a temp sensor and controller plus I will be pestering the local delivery joints for a big styrofoam box. That should make a decent proofing box for about a tenth of what the Brod & Taylor proofing oven costs.

  • Saw a recipe for beetroot and feta bread in the Sourdough School book. It involves roasting beetroot and then making a purée to use instead of water in the dough. I had neither beetroot or feta.

    Thankfully the recipe suggested using a roasted squash instead and I had a 4 or 5 kg one in my veg patch so used some of it to make the purée. Not having the feta I folded Philadelphia cheese into the loaf instead. It smells pretty fucking awesome but now having to wait for it to cool.

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  • Suitably yellow inside

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  • That looks fucking banging. I'd demolish that pretty rapid.

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