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  • What's the method here?


    Basic method here, i think it’s a Meera Sodha recipe but I adjusted for:

    • using wholewheat, strong white and white flour. Added some more baking powder due to not using self-raising
    • sourdough conversion, I went with 30% levain instead of the yeast. Had to reduce the amount of milk by about 40ml to account for the liquid in the levain.
    • No mixer so had to hand knead until the dough looked smooth
    • Left it about three to four hours to rise, it didn’t double as I suspect the levain is a bit slower acting than the amount of yeast in the recipe
  • oh man, measurements...ahhh I guess about 85gm... I'm not really a by weight practitioner

  • Cheers, only had about 30g so I've chucked then in with some pistachios

  • here's what it looks like

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  • Sourdough discard pancakes this morning

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  • That’s the most depressed looking puppy in recent memory.

  • No shortage of spring from this morning’s loaves. First time I’ve fridged them for 48 hours

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  • First attempt at croissant, stupidly forgot the egg wash. Not amazing in any sense but still tasty, will have to give this another couple of goes, would love to be able to make nice ones.

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  • Nice work! Laminated yeast doughs are surely one of the most technically demanding baking techniques?

  • Thanks! Excluding pastry like this it might be.

  • Missed this. Mine didn't look that good because in the heat this week I keep overproving everything and I didn't have enough cranberries. Can confirm though it was good with cheese and ham or PB. Would bake again.

  • another Sunday morning sourdough, this one with a mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds

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  • I haven't done a loaf in a long while, but kept the starter alive with crumpet making.

    Falling in line with the forum slicing patterns. Works well.

    Dough was white sourdough with added muesli porridge.

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  • Wholemeal with some oats and seeds and maybe 20% strong bread flour.

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  • this morning's sourdough

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  • Love a discard pancake.

    Looks lush.

  • Why do you need the egg wash?

  • Making me hungry! Guess that's my fault for looking at pictures of bread on lufguss rather than working. Nearly lunchtime though.

  • I never feel my batard shaping is as good as my boule. Struggle to get even tension which also results in less spring.

    These are the same batch of dough, cooked at the same time - actually boule was in the bottom of the oven so possibly slightly lower temp.

    Have recently been rolling loaves in flax seeds - stops them sticking to banneton and creates a lovely almost savoury crunchy crust.

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  • I spent many hours and days trying croissant a couple of years ago.

    At best, I managed puff-pastry rolls, at worst, mildly buttery biscuits.

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  • Croissant is an art. My dad is a baker and his croissant are incredible

  • Maybe it’s not something we should aspire to as hobby bakers. Had these at Black Isle bakery in Berlin and felt like trying more and never trying again at the same time. Will give them another go this weekend and see if there’s progress.

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