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  • Looked it up, so kind of like paska? Looks tasty.

  • I just looked up paska ;) v similar innit! But this is defo less eggy. I think for celebrations and the like, people might make their colac more buttery and really eggy like paska tho. It's really good! chewy and a bit salty, with a crispy outer ring. Lovin it

  • Thanks mate. No, just used a tray of boiling water at the bottom of the oven and a pizza stone.

  • I'm having a bit of trouble with scoring, could someone take a pic before they pop the loaf in the oven so I can see what it should look like.
    Poppy seeded white today.

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  • Looks like it might’ve risen as much as it can when you bake it. Try doing it sooner?

  • I did rather forget about it, what with work and everything 😟

  • I've done that heaps of times. A few weeks ago I baked a loaf much earlier than usual, thinking it was way too soon, but it turned out great.

  • I score a lot deeper than that. Started using a sharp serrated bread knife for it.

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  • These were proved overnight in the fridge as I basically forgot I was going out. Left for a very tough dough that was over proved but turned out great.

  • Saturday wholemeal, on a Friday. Think I'm over flouring the banneton but I really don't want it to stick.

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  • It has burst at the side indicating the top crust has hardened too quickly. Try more steam to keep the crust soft in the early stages. Also if you can use the bottom heating element in the oven only. With mine if I have the top element on I don't get good oven spring and often burn the crust.

    You will struggle to score too deeply. Half an inch to a whole inch is normally enough though. My dough often has a bit of a tougher skin on the outside and you need to make sure you get right through this, I do an initial nick to make sure I'm through and then score from that starting point. Two actions instead of one so won't win any points for flair!

  • Another easy and no hassle No Knead loaf.

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  • Today's effort from me - think I could do with a banneton and a dough scraper next.

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  • anyone have a good levure/levain quick pullman recipe?
    Essentially I need to make it and bake it tonight so time is of the essence but im thinking of adding some sour from my starter.
    May just have a play and see what happens.

  • White bread flour, poppy seed crust, 67% hydration.
    2hr autolyse, followed by 3 hours initial proof w/ 6x stretch and folds, pre-shape, then 3 or so hours bulk proof with 3 coils. Final shape. 15 hour retard @ 3 degrees.

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  • Good-looking spring there! How do you do the poppy seeds - as it goes into the banneton?

  • I moistened the top of the loaf after final shaping, dipped in a bowl of poppy seeds, then placed in the banneton, although looks like I missed a bit!

  • 30% spelt 70% 812 flour at 71% hydration, fairly happy although the scoring is a bit of a mess.

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  • my partner has been perfecting her sourdough through the pandemic, and creates such treats as this cranberry sourdough

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  • Discarded sourdough starter crumpet thing is fast becoming a pre-bake favourite in our house

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  • Have also been enjoying how easy this method is. Got back in the groove and all the recent loaves have been nigh-on perfect.

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  • Cheap cast iron oven dish from amazon tho­DVQPS6

  • Any views on how to transport my starter during a house move from London to West of Ireland?

    Probably 2 days of travelling, leaving London on a Wednesday morning and arriving on a Thursday eve.

    Risky to feed as normal Wednesday morning, and feed again as normal on Thursday night?

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