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  • Today's loaf, first time with rice flour in the Baneton... picture darkens the finish it isn't burnt really.

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  • Tried a different scoring pattern. Again white sourdough with added seeds and oat porridge. Satisfying waft and crackle sounds as it's cooling down on the bench right now.

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  • Let me know if you need a recipe for this

  • Nice! That looks fantastic

  • 't was yum with some orange marmalade and butter!

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  • Let me know if you need a recipe for this

    Yes - hit me up please.

  • Today’s loaf. Finally got to something I’m happy with. Now to see if I can replicate before trying other flour varieties.

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  • Am trying to use up all the interesting flours I have - ryes, spelts, ready made malted seeded etc. This is before I start milling flour fresh for myself and make my own diastatic malt powder.

    This was mainly a mix of seeded malted flour, spelt and a bit of organic white. As is often the case it’s the neglected loaves which seem to come out best. Ingredients mixed and left for 30 minutes before salt added. Then ignored for 2 hours, 2 sets of stretch and fold, pre shape, final shape and retarded in fridge for 11 hours.

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  • Great success! Predominantly dark rye with a load of seeds. So, so tasty.

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  • Looking like some great results with the scoring. What are people using? Don’t really want another kitchen gadget....

  • Razor blade on a coffee stirrer

  • looking good! got a recipe?

  • Here's a note to myself: If the bread doesn't rise even though it's been a few hours in a warm room - check that you added the starter... 🤦♂️

  • ^ side note - what's the deal with the masculine sign? I only added the 'face palm' emoji

    edit: Googled it. Seems like it's supposed to be a gender neutral emoji so no idea why the masculine sign is added. Anyway, back to breads.

  • The male emoji used to be the default, lots of phone keyboards still treat it that way. Last year the standard was changed to a genderless emoji with an optional gender-modifier, but not all devices render that properly.

  • Interesting. Is this a macOS issue, or a chrome one?

  • It's the breadtopia one. Super easy -­ad/

    It's very wet, so I baked in a tin - also wanted the rugbrod shape.

  • Ah, breadtopia. The dapper man with his kneading hook thing!

    nice one, that'll be next on the list

  • This is perfect! Did you use a Dutch oven?

  • Couple of recent yeasted boules.

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  • Anyone have a good focaccia recipe?

  • Did you do the final proofing in a basket? They look fantastic.

  • Ello! here's me colac from yesterday, a romanian style bread

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