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  • That's very impressive! Maybe post up one recipe at a time so we can all try them and compare results?

  • finally happy with my loaves. started adding ~2% diax and that's definitely made a difference in terms of oven spring

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  • If there is interest I'll do just that.

    This book was specifically intended to give English bakers a shot in the arm and encourage creativity. Part of that was my Great Grandad visiting notable bakeries around the country to seek out great examples of bread and encourage the bakeries to share. It even goes into the detail to list which flour blends tended to be used by bakers in different parts of the UK. So it wasn't just about teaching Vienna skills, it was about encouraging British styles too.

    One catch with this is that the recipes tend to be on the large size! Will be fun trying to scale them!

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  • Last one for a while.

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  • That's looking good!

  • Interesting to see the use of 'liquor' for water there; didn't realise that was the technical term for bakeries as well as for breweries.

  • 2lb of salt!

  • Yeah, this book is nuts. Just found the pretzel and bagel section. Or beugls as they appear to be called!

  • Not sure what happened with the shaping here - the slash wasn't deep enough/at the right angle to produce a decent ear, but my slightly haphazard folding appears to have produced splits along the top of their own accord. Will have to see what the crumb's like.

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  • Tricky dough that never quite got going. Hoping the next loaf in the oven will have benefitted from a bit more of a proof.

    Edit: the photo is definitely misleading, flatter than it looks!

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  • I should have kept my mouth shut.
    Second one is a real shiter.

    If the pizza dough doesn’t work I’m going to be in a right grump!

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  • What does everyone keep their bread in during that short window between taking it out of the oven and cramming it in your mouthparts?

    I'm wanting to upgrade from just wrapping it in a clean tea towel.

  • Jumbo sandwich bag from Ikea. Doesn't last long enough to really warrant anything else.

  • If it's cooling down, nothing, it needs to cool down.

    If it's cool, in a breadbin:­ad-bin-66914300/

  • Made a loaf with white and rye flour using a dutch oven. Happy but I think I can do better. Bah - can't get the pic to upload

  • About ten years ago I had a bit of a bagel obsession, trying very hard to get a result that was like the "genuine"bagels I'd had in the US. Two days ago my kid suggested that we made some.

    I made a second batch yesterday and for the first time I feel pretty happy with the result.

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  • On the cutting board, cut side down. It’ll dry out but I find sourdough fine for 4-5 days. It’ll get chewy, but the development in flavour will make up for it

  • Montreal style would be more impressive (says the non-baker).

  • Fuck me, he was right you know. The flavour of these loaves. 4% of flour weight in clarified butter/ghee.

    (Excerpt from the chapter on fats in bread)

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  • Might as well chuck it in the oven and see is not always a good plan, should have just cut my losses. Did Ken Forkish' Overnight Country Blonde but doubled the levain because I made too much and figured it couldn't do much harm. It was an overproofed unworkable mess, so I loaded it onto a peel and slid it into the oven. Might have turned out okay if I would have used a Dutch oven, really need to get one.

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  • My best loaf effort to date, obviously not as good as some on here but as a friend of mine says, you can only piss with the cock you got

  • Picture uploaded ?

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  • Also cheese scones

  • Looks amazing - good work

  • Ah that’s a pity, and tricky to clean up!

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