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  • I like to think I've been leading the way getting the LFGSS baking club back down to sensible hydration levels.

    I think it might be my proudest achievement.

  • It seems a lot of the supply issue isn't with a shortage of flour, it's an inability to get it into small bags and shipped quickly. Hence all the places selling 16kg bags.

  • What about yeast?

  • 6/10 but 10/10 for flavor.
    Starter really coming into its own now.
    Still at 70% hydration.
    Malt flour mix added as 30% weight.
    12hr bulk rise
    3hr retard
    Lessons learnt:

    1. Kilogram loaf is too big for set up
    2. Possibly need to reduce hydration
    3. Malt flour changes structure substantially (and may in fact increase hydration?)
    4. Scoring needs work.

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  • which is a win?

    Absolutely. Also useful as it makes showing people how easy it is to make something tasty at home. It’s the gateway drug to slowly fermented and retarded sourdough heroin.

  • Oh the carbs.

  • Oh really?

    First mention of hydration on this thread was from you

    I would say your dough looked a bit low on hydration - generally the wetter the better.

    You are the Donald Trump of the bread thread aicmfp


  • Make America Bake Again

  • Oh FFS James.

    I guess I could always do the sensible thing and claim I’ve changed my mind?

  • Sorry!

    Of course you can change your mind.

  • 😂

    Good use of the search I guess

  • Can we do memes here?

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  • First attempt at pretzels, no prizes for guessing first shaped

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  • Quality! Really want to give bagels and pretzels a go.

    Just banged a loaf made of pizza dough into the oven. 65% hydration holds its shape so much better. Worried it might be slightly over proofed, but hoping for a good spring. Weirdly it also proofed a lot better/expanded a lot more while in the fridge compared to higher hydration loaves.

  • They are very quick to make!
    I used this but halved quantity used bread flour.­omemade-soft-pretzels/

  • Rye soda bread. Not tried soda bread before and have gone with this one from Jamie Oliver.­d-recipes/rye-soda-bread/

    Did a 1.5x recipe because the original seemed like it wouldn't last long at all. Used yoghurt rather than buttermilk because that's what I had in the house. Will see how it tastes in a bit but the tap test sounds hollow enough so hopefully not a leaden lump.

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  • Slash game weak but shit boii 65% hydration is aight! It looks like it sprung less than other loaves I’ve done recently, but it’s risen more - deffo a larger volume for the same weight of dough.

    Fingers crossed the crumb isn’t shit.

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  • Looking good - how did you bake it?

  • Full whack ( ~245-250c) in a cast iron pot, 30 mins lid on, 15 mins lid off.

  • Annoyingly the new oval banneton I got is slightly longer than my casserole is wide, so I'm going to have to see if I can make that work...

  • Had absolutely no problems with mine. Although 900g is definitely the limit for my dish.

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  • Reaching vertical limit!

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  • Today’s pikelets, with a crumpet attempt with our only suitable ring.

    Behold, crumpet man!

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  • Thanks nefarious for the advice to lower the hydration of the Forkish overnight blonde recipe for UK flour.

    Turned out very nice! I only have a little 'cocotte' which is quite limiting so I think I need to invest in a bigger dutch oven.

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  • Amazing work all!
    Made some quick bagels. (thanks @Stonehedge)
    Texture pretty great. Also evident the temperature differential in my oven...

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