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  • I've run out of white flour now, but wholemeal will suffice.

    Seam-side up is the way forward.

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  • First attempt at no-knead - it has been a very long time since I have done any baking though.

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  • Seam-side up is the way forward.

    I've just learnt that all my previous attempts have been proving upside-down.

  • No Knead bread is always a winner, never fails and takes minutes to do. I've been making a loaf a week using the No-Knead method for around 3 years now.

  • Structure really good but I think I over hydrated at the beginning which made the folding and shaping less effective and distributing things. Still. Delicious.

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  • My first sourdough from the isolation starter. Moved incredibly slowly. Was probably too cool, and my starter less active than I thought it was. It was ready to shape just as I went to bed so bunged it all in the fridge and shaped this morning.

    Either way, it looks edible and has reasonable volume. The batard is looking a bit better in the basket, hopefully that’ll spring nicely with a bit of slashing.

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  • Great to see so many different loaves!

    Here's my usual 50% rye sourdough one .. running out of supplies soon :(

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  • Batard came out much better. Hope the crumb is alright, and not just one giant bubble from the spring!

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  • I wish I was able to score like that, my problem is despite going in at an angle it doesn't go very deep. Also my batards just flatten out when removed from the batard. Below showcasing both of those (made this awhile back)

  • My neighbour managed to get me a bag of white bread flour from Lidl - perhaps stocks are coming through again? I'm allowed out of the house Friday, so hopefully they'll still have some in then.

  • It looks like you could get more skin tension, when my dough lacks surface tension it tends to splat out and then it is hard to get a clean cut.

    Try adding the water over the entire sequence of stretch and folds. Eg start by adding approx 65% of the water to begin with and then keep adding little bits during the proving. This bassinage method has transformed my dough making.

  • You could also pre-shape into a boule, rest on the bench and then shape into a batard.

  • The thing is, when I'm pre-shaping and shaping, there definitely feels like there's enough tension in it; fairly taut and smooth on the top.

    Will look at the gradual thing with the water

  • No, you're a batard

  • Just scored 16kg of organic malty goodness. Should keep me busy!

  • where where where?

  • Alas, a private source.

  • Strong page 💪

  • Will be scouring the shelves in Aldi later.

  • are you still in cambridge? I have some starter if you can think of an acceptable way to get some off me (I could glove up, wrap it in clingfilm and drop it out of my front window? LMK) Otherwise Daily Bread had some last time I checked (not recently)

    Understand if you would rather stay in though.

  • When all you've got is chickpea flour, make socca. Added some fresh herbs from the garden and some garlic. Bloody lovely.

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  • Mix 150g gram flour with 250ml water and 2 tablespoons olive oil and allow to rest for between 1 hour to 15 hours. Add whatever herbs or spices you fancy and pre heat oven to 220oC. Put a frying pan in oven with a bit of oil to heat up then add the mix. Bake for 15 minutes, take out and allow to cool for 5 mins.

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