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  • Very short fermentation (toppings will hopefully compensate for complete lack of flavour), 80% hydration, organic white flour. It was a rush job, but still looks alright!

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  • Looks like it's over proved to me. All structure has pretty much given up but the yeast is still going for it, resulting in a collection of gas under the crust. What % hydration was it?

    Edit: just saw the plain flour comment, that'd do it

  • Would like a more dramatic effect from the scoring, but pleased with the crumb this week

  • Looks lovely.

    Go deep with the scoring.

  • Would love a few chunks of that right now.

  • What's the dry weight of flour in that? I like the size of it.

  • 1.5kg organic white flour, 1.2kg water, 33g salt, 10g yeast (in a way, too much, but also came up in the time I needed it to).

    Much prefer using a poolish or biga, but didn’t have time the night before. Quick fermentation = no flavour.

  • Thanks, will give that a go.

    That's more salt than I usually use in the dough but then again, with focaccia I sprinkle sea salt flakes on top.

  • What's the best way to store starter for 2 weeks while I'm away over Christmas?

    Definitely too long for fridge, am I ok to freeze? What's the best process?

  • Put some on both fridge and the freezer

    I’d suggest for the fridge one to have a small amount of starter (10-15g) with 150 g of water and 150g of flour so the starter has some food.

  • My starter's happily dormant in the fridge for months at a time; it may take a couple of refresh cycles to come back to full strength, but it's never been a problem. Tbh I'd expect it to be ok even left out on the side for 2 weeks; you might have to scrape off the mould to get to the sludge below, but again I'd expect it to come back without any issues.

  • Thank you both! I'll do as @dancing james has suggested and put some in both fridge and freezer.

    Do you suggest feeding and leaving at room temp for a few hours? Or feed and fridge/freeze immediately?

  • I tend to leave it on the side to get it going a bit, but have also just fed it and whacked it in the fridge. IME starters are pretty tough beasts - as long as you feed them up properly they'll come back from most things. I just pour off the hooch and add in some water to bring down the acidity; if the starter is looking a bit unhappy I just scrape off the top layer and use the cleaner stuff underneath, but that's usually only after months of neglect.

  • 2% salt is pretty standard I think.

  • picked up a block of fresh yeast for xmas baking.

    what's the typical weight of fresh yeast to flour for bread making?

  • after a bit of googling, i'm going to go with 15g fresh yeast per 500g flour.

  • Baking bread on Christmas eve, Fip Groove banging out the tunes - this is the good life!

  • Sounds about right. Decrease the amount of yeast for a longer rise/proof and better flavour. If you're making the bread now, you could make a second loaf with say - 3-5g of yeast and leave to rise over night and bake tomorrow morning.

  • you could make a second loaf with say - 3-5g of yeast and leave to rise over night and bake tomorrow morning

    good idea - although i've already made the dough.

    Might make a levain / biga for subsequent bakes.

  • The last two of the year. Inside was definitely fine (no large air pockets), but still not getting any ears when scoring, which I've been doing at approximately 45 degrees in one movement...

  • Anyone got any tips for naan bread? Gonna give them a go in the pizza oven tonight.

  • Bread day

    (ok, I just created an imgur account as Photobucket is down. still figuring out how this works)

  • Vegan spelt naans in the ooni. I have nil experience with naan, subbed wheat for spelt, and dairy yoghurt for coconut yogurt to appease guests’ dietary requirements. Then had to sub a load of the yogurt with olive oil and water as there wasn’t enough yogurt. Lol. For a total blag, I was ruddy pleased!

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