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  • In other bread news a neighbouring friend recently met someone who has reopened an old mill. I have a couple of loaves in the oven made with 100 wholemeal flour milled 2 miles down the road from me.

    It was very very thirsty, I had to add a fair bit extra water. After 20 mins it appears I failed to get adequate tension into the skin upon shaping so not expecting a great rise.

  • This seems to have worked well, thanks!


    I messed with it slightly though, used natural yeast so combined the water and flour from parts 1 &2 adjusting for the additional of both from the starter, then added starter and sugar, then butter from PT 2 in pt3. I also baked it for the 1st half hour hour in a closed casserole to avoid suppressing the rise. No idea of any of this helped or hindered, but it made it slightly more convenient around my schedule.

  • Where did you get those paper wraps from?

  • Did you invert it after it came out the oven? This seems to be the step that foils many attempts.

  • Amazon, but only because I had prime already. does a pack with all the gubbins, will probably get that if I do loads more. Although I might have to stop soon for my own health!

  • This is legit mad impressive, lol. It’s a notoriously hard thing to bake. My mate - who is a professional baker - has been having a right nightmare trying to get it right!

  • The Bertinet recipe was so much better, specifically using the mixer paddle rather than the dough hook, the latter just pushes the wet batter around rather than stretching it properly. And thanks! Saving them for a possible party on the weekend, quite hard to resist starting one.

  • Can I order one from you ;) lol

  • This mornings one had a better rise!

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  • It done something inside....

    Annoyingly i just realised this morning that i accidentally used plain flour for 50% of it (facepalm). Wife filled strong white jar with plain.

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  • Underproofed would be my guess, but I myself am still quite new to it all

  • First prove was 5 hours in the oven with pilot light and pan of boiling water. Second prove was 18 hours in the fridge.

    I'd say this is a case of starter just coming to life, and wrong flour?

  • How long do you proof it in a bassinet once you shape it? What temperature is the room?

  • It was left in the fridge to proof in a bassinet for 18 hours this time.

    Room is prob 15 degrees, give or take a degree or two

  • Did you put it into the oven from cold?

  • I did, straight from the fridge onto a pre heated iron tray

  • I'd probably try to let the loaf come up to temp for a while outside the fridge, maybe two hours or so.
    I also would use a cast iron pot instead of just an iron tray. Do you create steam somehow?

  • Will try letting it get to room temp. I done that with my first attempt and since read that it should go straight from fridge.

    Created steam by pouring boiling water into a pre heated baking tray in the oven

  • If you have a cast iron pot give that a go, makes a huge difference for me. Never got a good rise without it tbh

  • Fired up the Hobart for the first time today after having to alter the dough hook a bit. Mixing an 80% hydration dough to full development in a few mins is an absolute novelty!

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