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  • Yeah I've done similar before, currently getting good results with 1:4 spelt & white. Glad to hear it's not just me!

  • I do similar for the same reasons

  • Been asked if I want a bread making course for Christmas. Love baking, usually make really random bread so wouldn't mind a bit of direction, anyone got any recommendations?

  • Iirc it was @Arducius that recommended the thoughtful bakery course on here and that is where I went.

  • One tip for better development of the dough is to sift the bran out of the flour before mixing and soak it in water, reintroducing it either during folds or just before shaping.
    Bran is sharp and cuts through the gluten structure so it hinders development, and it also draws water out of the dough which will also lessen the spring.

  • Interesting - soak it in lots of water and drain/strain it before reintroducing?

  • Yeah, depending on how much water you soak the bran in, it may not even need draining. I’d need to double check the method for precise details - % of water for the soaker etc.

  • Yeah, what DJ said. Thoughtful bakery in Bath do a bread course and a sourdough course. I was given the sourdough course for Xmas by my gf... Thought it was good and have made loads of bread since. The technique/recipe they teach is pretty foolproof and pretty forgiving so it's a good one to start with and build your repertoire up from.

  • Good tip, thanks.

  • Sift out the bran and weigh it. Then add a little over that weight in boiling water, like 5% or so. Take that water amount from the total and then fold in the soaked bran on the second fold.

  • Ok great I'll have a look. Not being based in Bath make things a little tricky but would be good for a day out of the Smoke.

  • I've got a steel one. Never going back. Superb pizza and bread.

  • Still a bit of a mare on the shaping front, but slightly better inside with my batard

  • Hi all, some advice appreciated as I saw some mixer chat upthread. Purely for home use, and we do bread and pizza here and there. We’re looking at Kenwoods and like the look of the multi one, it’s 1000W with a dough paddle. But it also processes and blends.­ucts/kitchen-machines/multi-one/multione­-khh326wh-0w20010001

    But if that’s not man enough, I could be persuaded by a Chef titanium 1500W. A more simple, focused machine.­

    Anyone experienced either?
    Will ask in pizza thread too.

  • Got the chef titanium, I like it, sounds a touch agricultural when mixing dough, but gets the job done, I think it struggled once when mixing 1.5kg of quite stiff dough, but hasn't had any trouble with my usual mixes. Bought the food processor bit too. Touch pricey, got the mixer for a decent price BNIB, hopefully it'll last a lifetime, my mum's one from the 70s is still going strong (obviously a completely different machine though).

    I'm sure the multi one would be ok for pizza dough and single loaves though. I did consider it too.

  • Attempted Panettone this weekend. One with fresh yeast and the other with sourdough. Very wet dough! Ended up adding a fair bit of flour just to bring it together a touch, rise a bit lacking and baked too fast, came out a bit more like a moist cake than bread. Still nom. Sourdough one is still proving despite starting it Friday night!

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  • It might be a new obsession ( like I need another). Already thinking about trying the Bertinet version this week.

    Edit: started the third and I've not even baked the 2nd yet. Lol

  • That looks amazing

  • We got a kenwood chef about 6 years ago, with the blender add on and more recently the ice cream maker. It's been used on average 5 times a week for those 6 years between mixing cake batter, kneading bread dough and blending soups, and it's genuinely still like new.

  • I have a kenwood model named Major Titanium.. I think it must be an older model, but rated a 1500W. It is a very nice piece of kit.

  • First attempt out of the oven. Didn't rise as much as I'd hoped, sort of knew that before it went in, maybe my starter wasn't mature enough? Maybe the room was a little to chilly for the first fermentation? But my days it tastes good!

    I used the Patrick Ryan recipe for starter and white sourdough in the event that anyone has any tips related to this approach for my next attempt...

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  • I have a Kenwood Premier Major and it's been solid. I use the juice blender, bought and additional the mini blender and citrus press, and despite thinking it would never happen even have used the meat grinder attachment that came with it.

  • Under active starter/under proofed, maybe try again when the starter is more developed or do the same again with warmer water/longer proof. I tend to judge the proof by change in volume rather than time when trying new recipes. I found that a lot of American recipes assume a much warmer kitchen/house (21c~!).

  • Will try again later in the week, I think it might well be the proving. I left it for 4 hours, but the temperature in my kitchen is pretty low.

    For now it tastes wicked though, all of the flavour is certainly there!

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