Internet problems for Virgin Media customers

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  • Can you share the script / spell?

    This might be a while... I'm not at home and do not have access to that system from here. But when I do, I'll try to remember to paste it on here.

  • Ta.

    I'm trying the Homeassistant integration at the moment too.

  • I Googled to see if I could find the basis of what I did... but actually found this, it's less than 9 months old and looks so much easier than what I had done.

    And someone graphed it all:

  • There's a docker somewhere with a speed test cli and grafana Web interface I've been meaning to try. My 500 Meg connection has been sub par recently so need to log and complain.

    Edit: I've just read your links properly and you've linked it. I blame the heat.

  • Nice. Thanks again.

    The Homeassistant integration uses the Speedtest cli it would appear - makes sense to stick with that as I already have the framework for running, logging & maintaining.

    I'm using the one for comparison too.

  • I do wonder if Virgin are going to hit serious problems before long. Apparently large swathes of their core infrastructure have barely been touched since they acquired Telewest in 2006, choosing sticking plasters instead of strategic solutions for a fair bit longer than they really should have done.

    One of the various reasons we decided to go with Hyperoptic in our block was down to the shitty 2006-esque 75 ohm asyncrhonous coax Virgin suggested we allow them to install. Hyperoptic do fibre to your comms room and cat6 to your home for flat installs.

  • There apparently was a big outage yesterday, but my internet still isn't working. Anybody else still suffering issues?

  • All good here (nr Cambridge). No drops at all in the last couple of months.

  • Does anyone have a link to VM live chat?

    I'm stuck in an infinite jerk circle on their site trying to contact someone via the online chat or text messages.



    Text sms = +44 7533 051809

  • Weird morning in SE13; 10 minutes after I tweeted at the corporate account the upload issue was resolved.

  • Anyone having any issues out west? Some pings to google are timing out at the moment.

  • "The Intelligent WiFi technology in your Hub has spotted that by making a small change to your Hub settings, you could enjoy faster speeds to any 5G-ready devices at home.

    Changing your Hub settings is nice and simple – we’ll do it for you remotely, so there’s nothing you need to do.

    And if your WiFi’s ever running slowly or you’re experiencing a problem, take a look at our step-by-step guide to get back up to speed."

    Alright Skynet, you do you..

  • I use mine in modem mode. Check mate Virgin.

  • Yeah, same, I have a flashed Asus for da wee fee

  • Fucksakes.

    Trying to pass the security questions: "What date is your direct debit usually taken?"

    Any time between 20th and 25th of the month, according to my bank statements.

    "Sorry, you're locked out of the account now."


  • It took me 1hr 7minutes to get my bill reduced to their advertised figure.
    The way they work is a monthly fee if £67 discounted to £42 during the 18 month contract, as soon as you come out of contract it jumps up with no warning.
    The conversation went something like “ I can do you a special rate of £49 Mr Dibble... how does that sound?” “Well not as good as the £39.99 I can see on your website” “ my manager has used his special discount and we can do £46, how does that sound?” “Well still not as good as the £39.99 I can see on your website” and so on for an hour.

    What’s the point of licensing the Virgin brand if you are going to use shit 1980’s sales tactics

  • Had enough of Virgin's bullshit.

    Finally cancelled them and signed up with Cuckoo 1Gb for the price of Virgin's200Mb
    Feels good to ditch them finally.
    You can get £20 off if using my code to sign up­arrot

  • Ah, you prefer BT's bullshit 😁

  • They let me have a 1 month rolling contract with better speed for the same money.

  • Fair.

    I'm still waiting for non-cable 1Gbps connections to reach the part of North London I'm in. BT don't have us scheduled yet and the exchange has had fiber for a couple of years already 🤷 Best I can get is about 50Mbps.

    But... when FTTP lands here, I'll be moving to

  • It annoys me no end that there still aren't regulations requiring FTTP for new builds. Our house was built in 2019 and we're in the middle of a town just outside Cambridge. There are FTTP connections to old houses less than 500m from our property but most speed checkers put us at max 40Mbps.

    Thankfully we have a Virgin cabinet sitting about 20m from our property and I get around 1100Mbps from them with no drops or slowdowns.

  • My Virgin contract (400Mbps, V6 box with extra channels and sports channels for £65) is about to expire at which point it will roughly double in price.

    Think I'm going to have to go through the annoyance of threatening to leave to get it back down to something decent.

  • We dropped the big tv package and signed up for another 18 months and it cut 30-40 quid off the bill.

  • See if you can beat my time 1hr 7 mins

  • I plan to move pretty quickly to "I'm cancelling my package" so it's more likely to be measured in days.

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Internet problems for Virgin Media customers

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