Internet problems for Virgin Media customers

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  • Jesus, and I thought my £100 TP Link router was overkill.

  • I'm pretty pissed off with my Virgin internet bill going up next year. It's only about 10% extra, but the principal of it sucks.
    I signed up for a service at a certain level for a certain cost. If they want to increase that level, fine, but that's their choice and not something I signed up for. It's not even like their costs are going up, they're just trying to be more competitive in the market place, which is up to them to manage their money to do, not just increase the price for the end user. Cunts.

  • Cue wifi arms race...

  • To be fair to me (as I shall be)... I am running multiple gigabit networks in my home. I am also putting untrusted equipment (i.e. Sony TV, and the PS4) on a DMZ network.

    This has also been purchased so that I can run all traffic over a VPN to Linode using IPSec for which the EdgeRouter has hardware optimization. The result should be that I can run full-speed over the VPN.

    So yes, it's crazy. And no, the majority of people don't need this... hell, I don't need it... but it's pretty cool.

  • I'll win.

    At least, until I find a neighbour smart enough to run Ubiquiti equipment.

    I've won the best names for things already:

    • Wi-Fi SSID = Wi-Fi
    • Cast on the Android TV = TV
    • ChromeCast Audio = Stereo

    I can chuckle at everyone else and their bizarre default names.

    Also... PS4, WTF! That thing only does 2.4g WiFi. I cabled it instead.

  • Or someone sits outside your flat with signal jamming kit...

  • That's fine, aside from phones everything is now cabled or has the option to be.

    The silly WiFi is just to help me do route planning faster when I get in the car when downstairs in the carpark.

  • "I'll need a full business case report for that on my desk by the close of play tomorrow..."

  • Phishing e-mails are being sent to Virgin customers asking them to update info and providing a link. Mine was addressed to Dear 'my e-mail address' but otherwise is very convincing. I didn't click the link and Virgin are warning about the issue.

  • Anyone having issues?

  • Mine appears to be under performing a little lately. Up until last week i was hitting the full 100mbps download speed.

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  • Cheers.

    Away from home trying to troubleshoot for my OH. My account wasn't letting me check, although the general postcode said it was cool.

    You've reminded me I should try and keep a little log of speeds.

  • Anyone having problems?

    Mines dropping out, but the app says it should be fine and the online tests via my mobile keep failing.

    The help pages are taking a million years to load too.

  • Cable's all good out west.

  • Cheers.

    Idk what's going on with their Web pages tho. Can seem to load everything normally except for their shit multiple choice guides.

  • Been having that. Some sites load ok but others don't; LFGSS and the Guardian are ok, for example, Twitter and Cyclingnews wouldn't load at all. Working as normal now though.

  • Cyber attack? Was on Google Hangouts with family at 5.20 and we all lost connection about the same time. All different service providers.

  • Turned hub off and on and sorted the latest outage about 20 minutes ago

  • I tried to to an inline check last night and all I got was this which seems ironic .

    Seems to be ok this morning

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Internet problems for Virgin Media customers

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