Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • ST c-t 61.5cm
    Price £300

  • Aw yis I had one just like until my missus drove our car into the garage under a solid stone mill, with the bike on the roof.
    Cue one slightly bent frame, one trashed roof rack and slightly sardine cab opened mini. Always wanted a convertible

    Good stiff frame, made a nice crit bike and took some abuse with me doing team sprint standing start practise on it on road

  • I always thought it would make an ideal crit bike too. Very stiff and responsive frame.
    I won't be doing any crits though, so it has to go.

  • I've got a 56cm Gazelle Titan for sale over here -­61/#comment14149642

  • Any one know about this frame mate just got hold off it .

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  • Second xs lynskey cooper cx in fat mode

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  • So I don't know much about ti (other than that it seems I've seen/heard of lots of the cheaper end frames cracking recently) but my brother in law was asking me about ti mtbs tonight.

    He's a big guy, 6'3"+ and er...big boned too so comparing him to myself, I'm gonna guess he'll be on the heavy side of 250lb/113kg.

    I don't think he has high end Moots type budget but I offered the figure of "around £1k" for a frame and he didn't seem too distressed by that. He has just had a big health insurance payout and the bike would be part of a move to try and live a healthier lifestyle.

    I've just had a quick look at what is available from a few places.

    The cheap frames on Aliexpress (Skorp, Tito, Pasak and Pipedream) aren't gonna be a worthwhile investment for anyone, never mind someone weighing 250lb+?

    Planet X has some Titus frames that look alright and the price is half decent and a mate has a Sonder that seems alright?

    The Van Nicholas Zion looks good, keeping it rigid was mentioned so a complete bike that comes with a rigid fork seems like it might fit the bill nicely.

    Anywhere else I should be looking?

  • Reilly in brighton or burls

  • A Lynskey would get my vote - I miss mine :(
    They have a hefty sale on at the moment

  • Given the requirements, I’d focus your search on companies that honour their warranty’s. A friend has had his Van Nicholas replaced twice, in a ten year period, so they’d be top of my list. I think Lynskey offer similar but best to ask someone who has one, like @dancing james or @danstuff .

    I’m not sure on Planet-X but know a lot of Pickenflick owners and they’ve all had no issues.

    It’s not a given that you’ll have problems, I’m currently on Ti frames 5 and 6 and I’ve never had any frame issues.

  • If Lynskeys distribution in the UK is still hotlines then they can be frustrating to deal with. But I have not had any problems with the actual frames. As @andyp mentions better ti frames tend not to be problematic it tends to be the cheaper ones not made correctly that fail. But if one does go wrong you want to be able to warranty it.

  • The gear hanger on mine was not milled correctly and had to go back to chattanooga . Hotlines compensated me for the inconvienience very well and turned it round as quick as they could. Love the lynskey cooper and it survived roubaix better than i did . If you go for one get matching forks at the same time no#5 now

  • I think Lynskey offer similar but best to ask someone who has one, like @dancing james or @danstuff .

    I don't actually have a Lynskey. I should have one, as I ordered and paid for a frameset which they had in stock in their sale well over 2 months ago, but they managed to send the frameset to the billing address rather than the shipping address and as a result managed to send it to the wrong country. Since making this rather elementary mistake, they appear to have done the square root of fuck all to sort out the problem, other than sending me the occasional message (only ever in response to an email from me) saying 'we're sorry, we're sorting it out'.

    I agree that customer service can be a very useful thing with titanium frames given that they do occasionally have cracking issues, but based on my experience of Lynskey to date, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. I've asked them to cancel my order and refund my money, but they've gone back to ignoring me and holding onto my cash, which appears to be their default setting.

    I do have an Enigma ti frame, which is my favourite bike in the whole wide world. I've done over 10k km on it now, and it's been faultless.

  • Formula Ti

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  • I had a crack in my lynskey, which they replaced with no complaint. I do worry a bit about their constant sales at the moment

  • You can't just post this without close-ups of that headtube!

  • close-ups of that headbracket!

    ftfy i think?

  • Here you are

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  • I had a crack in my lynskey, which they replaced with no complaint. I do worry a bit about their constant sales at the moment

    I must admit I'm hoping that the only reason they're failing to give me a refund is sheer and consistent ineptitude rather than because they don't actually have the cash to pay me back for the frameset they've so singularly failed to deliver.

  • @Proper.Application assuming the steerer is 1"you could also fit an ahead stem between the cups?

  • That’s correct.

  • Ooohh that would look really nice with a nothreadset top cap directly on top of the bearing cap, and the stem between the cups!

  • @Lolo @t0-ster This on is smashed but you get the idea

  • Why do I guess being brcklz contributed to that?

  • they don't actually have the cash

    They have a lot of frames on EBay. I do hope you get your money.
    Can you contest it with your credit card or bank?

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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