Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • The most expensive wall hanging I've ever bought :S

    Enigma Esprit Ti Track

  • I think possibly the dopest bike off le forum.
    I h8 the cabbie for ruining this.

  • ...the dopest bike off le forum.


  • Too good for that. It's just porn. EDGE not ENVE fork looks so good, after seeing this I began an email campaign to get them to make a 1" fork...

  • jeSUS! I have to stop looking at this thread I just cannot afford it.

  • I h8 the cabbie for ruining this.

    How is it ruined?

  • How is it ruined?

    He put a spok and risers on it.

  • Look away if you're of a delicate disposition.

  • I'm going to cry.

  • Were you hurt in the crash wharry?

  • I was very very lucky. The cab went over the top of my legs and had to be lifted off by the fire brigade. I walked home the next day after a short spell in casualty.

  • Puts it all in perspective really! Glad you were ok, sorry about the bike. Insurance?

  • Afraid not. Its all in here­#post2317600
    I'll not ruin this thread by rehashing my morbid story.

  • My kind of thread.

    I've three titanium bikes currently, and recently sold this one;

    which I owned from new in 1999.

    It was replaced by this one a couple of years ago, and please excuse the non-drive side picture;

    which is, simply put, the best bike I've ever ridden.

    I've also got a Ti cross bike but don't have a picture of it in it's current guise to hand.

  • ^both utter porn

    Andy, are the front and back wheels on the new bike mismatched? Looks like Campag back and Mavic front to me?

  • Nope, Campag Eurus front and rear.

  • sorry, my bad.

    Also.. is it me or do geared titanium bikes ALWAYS look better with Campag on them?

  • 3 Ti bikes? you must love the stuff. ;)
    That De Rosa is/was stunning!

  • Shame Andy knowingly sold it to some east London hipster who stripped it powder coated it blue converted it to fixed and runs an aerospok on it.

  • Srsly?

  • Serious! Andy even hooked him up with a contact for the spok.

    Andyp, once a great influence on the London bike scene, now dead to me!

  • wow - that makes me sad

  • It makes me laugh.


  • Dirty man.

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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