Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • Looks amazing with those decals, a Croc Lobnago 😅

    If you could put up with it, a -17 degree stem to line up with the top tube would be "le chef's kiss"

  • Yeh seat post and stem are going to be the first changes.
    I got the zipp combo for pretty cheap so will do for now and i will dial it in as time goes.

  • Anyone had any dealings with nua

    Looking to get a new commuter frame and my current framebuilder has been long for a variety of reasons.

    Also loving being out on the lynskey. It makes me ridiculously happy..

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  • Never heard of Nua, but the Lynksey is lovely !

  • Roark ti build that I use for work and commuting. Life is too short to ride bikes you don’t like.

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  • Not a big fan of that "aero" fork, and careful with the saddle, you are right on the limit of their, better get yourself bigger offset seatpost, i've seen seat posts and saddles break from that kind of set ups

  • Is that another Baum? Looks nice.

  • This is very nice.
    It gives my kit anxiety thinking what I’d wear with it mind hahaha

  • Correct indeed, GT2 45 on 650b Fulcrum's with 50c Pirelli's.


    I have a dark green Rapha pro team jersey which matches nicely with the oak green main finish, matching socks and black bibs and I'm good to go haha.

  • Enigma Esprit - Recently cleaned up with Autosol, and some Chinese clinchers added to take the winter abuse

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  • I do remember these decals.

  • Very nice, I have the same bike -got a link to the clinchers?

  • I picked up some lightly used ones from eBay U.K. seller - search for 50mm Superteam Clinchers. So far so good, but the hubs could be made of butter and they may explode, I’m testing the water 🤣

  • Makes sense... I might look at rims and get Arkane to build something : )

  • Mate is selling his Passoni Ray carbon .carbon rear end Columbus fork bike running campagnolo Record groupset. Size is 55 . Any interest let me know and I'll pass it on.

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  • Latest update on my Merlin Extralight project. Next step is the Columbus Minimal fork.

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  • I really need to clean the Kish, I’ve had it just over a year now and use it as my main commuter bike. It’s nice to ride a nice bike to work. I put around 100/120 miles on it most weeks and it’s just clocked 4,000miles in my ownership. I’m not convinced the chap that had it build actually used it at all.

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  • From the apocryphal Book of Coveticus: "And there came from the dusty road another wise guy, who delivered unto the Lord titanium, and it was good."

    Sabbath Aspire, which fortunately took a magic – or miraculous, if you prefer – gear. More pics here.

  • Gravel frame from Titan Cycles out of Xian, China

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  • Looks wicked! How’s the OG Evkin stem? Did you swap out the rainbow bolts yourself or did they do it?

  • Lovely proportions, looks superb with the half paint

  • Thanks!

    OG evkin stem- for road riding it does the job well. For gravel- not so much; i notice the bar is slightly rotated down when i go over big holes/rocks. Anyway i would still use it on gravel as the rotated down was an isolated occurrence.

    Stem bolts- i didnt even bother to change the bolt so its the rainbow bolts on there.

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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