Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • I bought the Tempest last year. Can't fault it really, it's been great for commuting and off-road.

    It's pretty stiff. I haven't ridden any other gravel bikes to compare, but you definitely feel it on hard bumpy surfaces. I've got 50mm tyres on there now which helps.

    The welds and finishing look good to me, some areas are perhaps a little industrial but I don't think it's any worse than other ti frames at twice the price or more. I'd definitely recommend them.

  • I forget who Planet X use for their frames now but it's one of the well known factories, Waltly or Titan or something. So the quality is good and there are frames coming out of the same shop for double the price.

  • At least one maybe more of the Sonder ti frames are not far off Planet X prices at the mo, was quite tempted personally - maybe worth a look

  • It seems Titan have packed it up, or at least shut down their client facing website. Shame really, they could deliver full custom at the price Planet X is charging for their Tempest.

  • Yeah I emailed them last year about a frame but they never responded so I went to Waltly 🤷🏼♂️

  • My wife got a custom Titan this year. They briefly shut during Covid but they're still making them. We went with Titan on this build as they were cheaper than Waltly and had a shorter build time. I've got a Waltly and the experience with Titan was practically identical.

  • I got one at the end of last year, was really impressed by the communication. But the site I contacted them on has been down for months now.

  • Ah odd, that's a shame if that's the case.

  • Does anyone know anything about Cielo Rosso titanium framesets? Saw an interesting looking one at a guy's house I was visiting to potentially buy another bike he was selling

  • Think it's time to sell my beloved Lynskey. Going to try and flog the frameset at some point this summer if possible. It's a lovely thing but never fit quite right.

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  • it looks great setup like this though, slammed and all> what is wrong with the fit ?

  • Kills my lower back! I'd ploughed on with it for 2 years because I was too stubborn to admit i'd bought the wrong size bike. A tiny bit less reach and a few cm more stack and it'd be perfect.
    Lusting after either a full blown aero bike, or a nice rim brake Condor Super Aciaio. We'll see how much this one sells for first.

  • So a short riser stem?

  • Aesthetic blasphemy.

    Admittedly, the handling is a bit too nervous for my liking, and i'm keen for a change.

  • Still got to cut the chimney stack and find a nice straight seatpost (this centaur is a place holder)

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  • Those Colnago decals are fab.

  • Same with Ribble's ti offering, I think.

  • Thanks, did sile custom ones as the originals are a bit boring.

  • Noice. Seatpost looks good, swap the gold chain for silver and bdhu and you're away

  • really like the decals, may I ask where you had them done?

  • @timmah! Not bad but a tad long with this seat post so will no doubt go for less of offset. Chain was new and laying around, i will change it when its dead probably.

    @mattyc decals i drew myself, and got them printed at allstickers a french guy who does nice work.
    All done on adobe illustrator, using og colnago typography and playing with the mapei cubes to get to a playful new thing.
    Very happy how they turned out.

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  • Nice!

    Hints of Rock Lobster...

  • Yeh that was also part of my inspiration 👌

  • No way. This is insanely cool. I was curious as I'd never seen Colnago decals like that ever. Really nice work.

  • Hehe thanks very much !

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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