Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • My Serotta, Louisa’s Van Nicholas (thanks BMMF) and Louisa at High Beech

  • Alas, it’s just a bottle.

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  • Bugger!! They don’t fit in the rear!! Looks like it’ll have to be 32mm then

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  • Here's my recently upgraded GF ti which rides a treat

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  • Wheeeeeeee

  • Well that's rather nice

  • Thanks! I am ludicrously excited.

    First new new bike for years, and my first modern MTB.

  • @PhilDAS any progress with your Walty?

  • Haven't fitted the mudguards yet

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  • Rapha Impero is a lovely touch

  • how did you get a custom bike then put an inline post with saddle slammed all the way forward?

  • That is trendy these days.

    Although I do applaud the rejection of bdhu dogma.

  • It's in the middle of the rails. Hater
    Anyway I've got the fake canyon ergon split post on it now

  • I went bdhu on my track road bike but it was just less comfortable

  • Looks smart. How does it ride?

  • Excellent thanks. I went for the chunkiest chainstays and the fattest downtube they had so it's easily as stiff as my alu Cannondale. Feels fast which is what I wanted

  • I rode the Kish into work as normal today. I parked it in my normal spot. I colleague went to park his bike next to mine. Apparently I’m a flash bastard, for riding a Custom Ti framed, Paul and Phil equipped bike to work and letting it get dirty. He said this with a straight face on his Rohloff hub, Internal wired Dynamo, Fox float forked, spotlessly clean bikepacking ’Rig’.
    Why is Titanium such a red rag?

  • Because in the UK, it is seen far less and is rather exotic. Way fewer custom Ti builders and not many off the peg Ti builders.

    The U.S., is full of Ti builders and the U.K. is full of steel.

  • Wow, nice 4 seasons build, agressive and all. almost looks like a parlee z zero, but in Ti

  • I managed to get a rear mudguard on in time for today's downpour but I got my feet soaked so really need to just fit both guards. I just hate fitting mudguards

  • idk about that, seems like every other mamil has a Ti steed
    Not necessarily British brands but there are plenty of lynskeys and van nicholases on your average group ride, especially in winter

  • Right, but I am talking about custom bikes, because @chaley said 'I'm a flash bastard, for riding a Custom Ti frame'.

  • Titanium is cheaper in the long run, lasts forever.

  • Unless you ride a Van Nicholas in which case this is incorrect lol

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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