Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • I’ll be honest they did freak me a bit, but I’ll be rebuilding it before it turns a wheel so 🤞

  • I think 32/35 without and 28 with guards is certainly possible. The bottleneck as I see it is the fork. I don't want to use a long a-c or else I might as well buy a Synapse or something else suitably "endurance". Ones I've seen are Whisky No9 RD, and Columbus Futura SLX but both of those are only up to 32c ish. They're road length though. Need to keep looking

  • Really like the look of the polished welds. Nice bike.

  • Rotor graphics are etched so cant really take them off, but super nice lightweight stem under 100gr. The bars, not sure if i wont change them for a more "modern" shorter drop

  • Ah, shame. Well, for what it's worth I think those bars look the business, especially with the 10sp shifters.

  • This is the best Wittson I've ever seen. Fantastic frame.

  • My Sturdy Cilla has been posted on the gravel thread, but it has not had a formal introduction on this page. There's a long story behind it and it's not as Golf Club has it might appear. It's a blast to ride and quite the machine!

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  • Well, that's very nice. But don't worry. No Di2, no golf club.

    Here's a question for you - how do you feel about mid-tube welds? I'm not sure how I feel about them. More importantly, what's the purpose of the one on the headtube? Is Tom 3D printing headtubes, too? If so, what is the benefit of that over a third parties Ti headtube? Is it purely so that Tom can bring everything other than tube manufacturing in-house? He's certainly doing some interesting things over many other Ti builders.

  • All of the 3D printed parts slot into each other by quite a way so they are held together by more than just the weld. The head tube weld is a strange one and one I don't fully get Tom's explanation for. Apparently there is a limit on how long he can 3D print a head tube which means for tall riders he has to produce the head tube in 2 separate 3d parts and then join them. He made the decision that to keep the look consistent across all his bike they would all now have split head tubes. It seems an odd decision to aesthetically compromise the majority of his bikes to ensure that they looked consistent with the few big frames he makes.

    On most of his bikes these days people are getting 3D printed bars, stems and fork crowns which means he can completely hide all the cabling and really fine tune everything for each individual rider. As he's not tied to any other manufacturers parts he really can go full custom.

  • Also realise I posted this in the Merckx thread, but not here since its original incarnation on page 44 of this thread. Now with Columbus Max fork, gunmetal stem and bars, and some coloured bits, the EX frame is 25 years old this year. Vintage ti but still fits 28c tyres easily, nothing 3D printed, but the graphics are 3D :)

  • Its around 7.2kgs witout pedals which is nice for ti bike i think super responsive to just wants to go when you put down the power, super snug too ,dont think id change a lot on it if i were to start again maybe axs but happy with the etap thats on it

  • Thanks for that its really nice obviously pic does not do justice atall ,the lads in wittson done a great on it cant praise them highly enough throughout the whole process from start to finish ,theres pictures on there website of the frame that they got done professionally will give a much better idea of the quility of the build.

  • Yes they make the bike look seamless, though there is realy nothing wrong with the welds showing either ,its look realy nice too the skill that needed to do it nicly is unbelievable ,i just rather welds smooth seeing as i was getting the frame built for me,

  • Thanks yes frame is lovly indeed take a look at there website much better pics of the frame there

  • Thanks im very happy with it indeed

  • New (non-coloured) chain is in the offing too I hope.

  • Found some Campagnolo 12-speed bits with hydraulics for the Tripster.

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  • Well it’s landed and I’m a happy boy! Jim Kish City Custom Ti, Phil Woods hubs, DT 540 rims, Paul Components touring cantis, Thompson elite post and stem, Reynolds Pro Round bars and SKS chromo guards the rest is likely to change.

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  • A couple more pics

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  • There is a really nice vibe going on there! I like it a lot.

  • Sick! Love a Kish and love the downtube logo even more.

  • Do they have an option to just paint forks at your place? I’m near Manchester so would be cool to use someone local. Purple fades or patterns is what I want!

  • I’d 100% buy one of these if you do XL/ 60cm size. There was a guy on here doing similar with mtb frames but I forget who it was?

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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