Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • You can get the USE Sumo in 31.6mm. Only 10mm setback though. £58 brand new with warranty if you don't mind a factory second. I bought one a few months ago and honestly wouldn't be able to tell it's a factory second, it looked perfectly fine.

  • Thanks all, some good leads.

    I already have a Burls Ti post with 15mm layback, but need an extra 10 to get fit bang on. I’ll see about going custom and if it’s silly money, will just live with the current one

  • @TTM

    I have two of their handlebars and a stem, great quality stuff

  • Good to know, thanks.

    I’m planning a shake down ride this weekend, so will see how it feels before splashing more cash.

  • Finally finished this. Not sure why I decided mixing derailleur and shifters was what I wanted but works pretty well with the ShiftMate.

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  • I have the Torus on mine with that setback, it's really nice bit of kit.

  • With 25mm setback? Did you need to order custom?

  • New build: Finally something nice with brand new parts (thanks to C2W) and not eBay.

    Custom Soulrider Ti with ano + satin work
    Bento bosses + 3rd bottle cage mount
    Ti spacer set at the bottom, I need to fix the ones on the top or properly shorten it.
    Columbus Cross fork with changable rake - Worst external routing, why did they bother making it flat mount?
    T47 bb shell, CK headset and bb
    Hunt 650b on WTB 42s
    GRX Di2 1x (40 / 11-40) and direct mount hanger

    Being the poseur that I am, I later replaced the practical water bottle with 2 Silcas and Fabric bottles.

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  • Last ride before recabling and replacing the drive train.

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  • This is nice!

  • That looks super cool, but is that downtube twisted?

  • On a Lynskey Helix? Yes. Clue is in the name.

  • Friday afternoon special.

  • Really nice, what's the light mount?

  • Thinking of going Titanium for my next road bike, Does anyone have a list of brands/frames they would reccomend?

  • I have 2 Titanium bikes at the complete opposite ends of budget spectrum. A Waltly from China and then a Sturdy. The Sturdy is incredible but I cannot fault the Waltly. Unless you're going premium I'd go Waltly. A lot of the mid priced Ti frames are made by them and marked up.

  • Latest almost ready one to almost come out of our place. Dave's done himself a similar one but with a less subtle fork, doubt that'll get done anytime too soon though, he had a baby this morning.

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  • Interesting to hear that. Presumably this is because you were comfortable with handling geometry and tubing profiles though? To me it seems Waltly really requires you to know exactly what you want to get the most out of them. I know what geo I'd want but I would have no clue about Ti tubing sizes etc.

  • I left all tubing size and spec to them. They build so many frames that I trusted their judgement. Went back and forth on email for about a month over geometry, cable routing, bottle cage bosses, tyre clearances etc.

  • Digging the anodise / graphics / paint job on this!

    Ti frame owners, paint your fork. With colour.

  • Digging the anodise / graphics / paint job on this!

    He's getting alright at it. I'll dig up his fork, no anodised frame for his yet but I imagine it'll be somewhat fun.

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  • Aye lad. You wanna do a bit more camera work on that? Looks awesome. Those rack bosses look cleaaaaan.

  • This was a quick phone job when I was leaving before it's finished, looks pretty fucking cool though, can't really tell in the pics but all the dark purple drawings are slightly pearlescent and almost match the hope/frame purples.

  • I've got an Enigma custom and a Lynskey R470 disc. Both fine bikes, but the purchasing process when buying the Lynskey frameset was appalling. They sent it to the wrong person in the wrong country, and the first pair of forks were unusably defective.

  • Interesting. Didn't know they handled tubing specifications.

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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