Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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  • You've got some poo on your crank arm

  • I went full prolly with foreground bokeh

    Sadly in Bromley not So-Cal.

  • How did you make such a nice frame look so shit?

    @PhilDAS tiny leaf

  • Funny you should mention it - when I built it up I based it on an old fit which was built around a pretty relaxed position (ie a few spacers) but lately I've been considering moving the saddle forward as I've been moving towards the nose more than I probably should on a short saddle. Still find it very comfortable so haven't dared opening the can of worm that is changing the one element in the fit equation yet...!

  • Totally understandable!

    P.S. good luck stopping on that thing ;-)

  • its the fork

  • Ha! Took the photo on a recent new wheels day and thought I'd be thorough with the changing and cleaning of pads/holders 🙂

  • sram, moots & leaves

  • Got my Rock Lobster Team Ti up and running finally, switched out the fork and stem and feels so much better.

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  • Longer fork?

  • Whoa. How long is that fork? Looks big for a bike of that vintage.

  • Rock lobster is grrrrreat

  • The fork has 3 settings, 100mm, 120 and 140. I was running it 140mm on my San Andreas but on the lobster it felt best at 120mm. Tried a rigid before Xmas (see pic) but just didn’t feel right off road. The pics above are at the 140mm setting

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  • Hi all - I’m looking for a -17 ti stem for this, anyone got one they’d sell or swap?
    Also looking for a ti king cage if anyone has a spare?
    (For some reason the bike looks like it’s going uphill in the photo...)

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  • Lovely!

    Fork does look very long but if it feels good...

  • Length for sure looks better though. Regardless, lovely frame.

    @mattyc - looks so proper. Ano archetypes look great.

  • That's slick!

    Needs popping colour headset though I feel!

  • Thank you. Pretty happy with the CC110 tbh. Don't love colourful headsets, especially when I have black hubs. Prefer to keep things understated and not too flashy.

  • Impressed with mudguard setup, I never thought it would fit.
    Yellow tyre - shame on you

  • Yeah I know, the tyres are the only ‘winter’ 23c I have, they are temporary - in fact I’m changing them today and swapping in some 25c pave, the only acceptable coloured tyres!
    With a steal fork I’m sure I can fit my 37mm radial guards with 30mm tyres... but that’s for later

    While I’m here do you have a -17 ti stem spare?

  • First ride on this today, needs the dropper post installed, and bars rotating a bit, but man, the pinion is amazing.

  • Here's my lockdown project. Genesis Volare 953 stainless, ex team frame from 2015. I'd planned to build it up with Athena, but it came with a complete Di2 wiring loom included, so I built it up with budget DA. Weighs about 7.6kg as shown.

  • Photos not working for me. Anyone else having the same issue?

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Show us your Titanium! - Ti and Stainless bikes

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