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  • wow and again this morning, sadly for mr reynard no squirrels present this morning

    it hops over the fence and does a full pelt down the garden hoping to catch anything unaware, squirrels pigeons or blackbirds i guess

  • I'm always interested in more research on culture among animals, as opposed to 'they do everything by instinct':­2020/apr/09/the-secret-call-of-the-wild-­how-animals-teach-each-other-to-survive-­aoe

    As more species of animals are studied, the more people will understand this.

    I think my favourite is still the finding that pigeons navigate by following roads and turning at roundabouts, sometimes doing the circuit of the roundabout several times before taking an exit,. but I also like the description in this article of the macaws flagging their mates down.

  • They’re amazing, as are the people who have been working to save them from aspergillosis. I’ve been following Sirocco the kakapo on fb for some time.

  • Some cracking shots here:

    To add to pigeons following roads, here are some swans using a Pelican crossing.­2020/apr/30/wildlife-through-the-window-­what-readers-have-spotted-during-lockdow­n-aoe

  • hedgehog awareness week this week.

    Collective noun for hedgehogs is an array.

  • 3 fox cubs arrived in the garden for the first time tonight
    tumbling around for a few minutes checked the cat food for scraps then headed off
    more cub news to follow hopefully

    there was a wailing in the garden last night, fox on the shed screaming, looking down to ground level
    whether a male was hunting the cubs and the mum was defending them, wailing for them to take cover i don't know,

    with the imminent arrival of some stray kittens, born but not emerged from next doors shed yet, some squirrelettes and numerous fledgling birds, the garden is going to be a busy place in the coming weeks, hope i can afford all the food

  • Here you go @BareNecessities - this is an animal. Thought this was quite cute. We’ve been fostering him for a couple of months whilst Los Angeles County’s shelters are closed.

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  • huge great swarms of what i presume were mayflies over tottenham marshes and the canal today, above tree level so didn't swallow to many
    like bird mummerations changing shape merging then separating creating lovely shapes

  • This garden regular is in a pretty bad way, staggering about, lots of flies buzzing around. Can't even see its eyes underneath the dried gunk encrusting them. Poor thing was too weak to object much when I went out and scooped it up. At least it's not being bothered by bluebottles anymore, if nothing else.

    I'm shielding, so I've booked an addy lee for tomorrow morning and I'm just going to shove the box at the driver and ask them to take it to the wildlife centre as soon as they open! Hope the driver doesn't just tell me to fuck off. But I guess transporting a poorly hedgehog has got to be a nicer job than transporting a human with coronavirus 🤷♀️

    edit: hrm, maybe this would have been better in the wildlife thread

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  • Hedgehogs are just so pitiable when you find them like that. They often die pretty much as soon as they're in houses, though. Hope you're lucky with this one. Have you called the wildlife centre ahead to enquire?

  • Yeah, I managed to get in touch with the nearest place, who told me to bring it in at 9 when they open for the day. Unfortunately as you anticipated, it didn't make it through the night, so it was too late! I suppose when they get bad enough to be picked up by humans, a lot of them probably already past the point of no return.

    Poor hedgehog, wish I'd realised it was in trouble sooner. It was the earliest riser out of all the hedgies that visit so I'd often see it bumbling about.

  • I know this was a while ago but where do you live? Cool to hear about foxes actually hunting.

    I grew up in North Yorkshire and a fox was a rare beast and it was exciting when you saw one. Needless to say the novelty wore off living in London but I still like seeing them. The foxes of London are very different.

  • Shame that one didn’t make it. I have a fond childhood memory of a hedgehog that got its leg stuck in a goal net in my garden (probably not very fond for the hedgehog). It had got itself in a right state but we took it indoors and fed it some cat food, kept it for a couple of nights I think until it was better and let it out again one evening. Lots of fleas though.

    I guess hearing it’s rare they survive once in a house makes it even better.


    two little cubs and their dad,

    i'm in stratford and every 3 or so years there is a new flush of cubs, have been getting a kilo of butchers scraps every other day and feeing them, the dad and mum come and grab mouth fulls and cart it away for the cubs i presume

    here's dad getting some bits

  • Our hedgehog 🦔

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  • Ah well, you can only try. May it find plenty of hedges to hog in Heaven.

  • yesterday morning there was a pile of pigeon feathers on the lawn, quite glad about it as 3 or 4 pigeons regularly scoff up all the squirrel food when i put it out, big fat bastards they are, which might be why one didn't escape the fox

    pretty sure i saw a fox with a squirrel in it's mouth a day or two back too, not 100% sure as it was slightly obscured, right shape and colour though, haven't done a head count on them recently

    their natural instinct hasn't left them even with all the rubbish and kfc littering the streets

  • That is cool to hear. I was having a discussion with someone the other day about whether the foxes in London even know how to hunt anymore if its uncommon and the skills aren't passed down but I suppose you're right, instinct will play a part. A slow, complacent pigeon is probably an easy target too.

  • 3 more to go mr fox

  • fox watching the sparrows at the bird feeders then spots a squirrel near the patio

    down on the patio watching the squirrel .....does he get it ?

  • nah

  • big pile of feathers on the lawn again just now and lo and behold fox with pigeon in it's mouth by the shed
    the pigeon was possibly still alive or maybe it was dead and the fox was just playing with it

    visibly a pigeon right at the end

  • 2 more to go

  • two cubs playing with dad

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