Woodrup Star Trophy 1980

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  • Those are 700s right?

    Edit, course they are

  • Isca saddle?

  • Those are 700s right?
    Yep - it's a 25" frame and awkward camera angle :) Have grown fond of the blue, so reckon that'll stay. Yes to the fluted stem - that, along with the seatpost and BB were the lucky deals. Was worried the 120mm stem would be too long, but it all feels good from the couple of short rides I've had. It's been too frosty up here in Joe Waugh-land (Newcastle) lately to risk the daft 20mm tyres over any real distance yet though.

    Saddle is a suede Rolls - only thing spoiling the Japanese theme, but looks & feels the part..

    Just had a look at those hoods - out of my price range for sure, and also slightly different to the othes I've seen (which have 'Superbe' on the sides and a more 'stepped' cut around the lever).

  • i've been looking for these pedals

    although the black cage ones will suit the frame.

    these campag are my stand ins, which seems unfair on them and frankly i'd be happy enough with them.

  • found my levers on the bay, bought with hoods as nos around the 50 mark. had the chance to buy several of the holy bladed (aero or non-aero?) pairs without hoods but waited instead. was originally planning gum so was a bit disappointed with black but then i found the black frame.

    these hoods say Suntour underneath but not "Superbe"
    can't have everything

    the guy shipped from the US for £20 having originally quoted 30. promised to refund the extra. It cost him £10
    he didn't refund the extra

    His name is Mars Kudela. He was nerged

  • done a bit more. Until i find a bb axle i'm getting on with other stuff, like taping. hmm.. i'll get the hang of it one day.

    fitting calipers but will need a chunky washer for the front to stop it rubbing on the headset cup. A job for later

    so getting there.

    I'm liking the saddle more, but not enough to prevent a Concor purchase.
    Next an in-depth look at why Suntour Superbe band on shifters won't convert to braze on. The bastards.

  • This is so, so nice.

  • Agreed. Very tasteful.

  • On the question of taste

    Yellow cables?

  • Ooh, tricky one. In theory it should work but you might finish cabling the bike, step back and think "oh bollocks".

    I think if the decals and the cables were red it would still look pretty period. Yellow - not so sure.

  • Help!

    i've tried 2 68 bb axles with various british cups but the axles seem to be the wrong size for the bb

    neither would let me tighten the adjustable cup past half way. The bb shell has been properly cleaned out and threaded and is the same width as my other bike which takes a 68

    flummoxed, London

  • I am in the same boat with my Bob Griffin, would also like to know.

    My mechanic idea was to loosen the drive side more, then tighten the non driveside, switch back and forth, it worked but it still sticking out a bit by a mm or two.

  • I am mixing and matching

    Eg Sakae cups/campag axle

    But it should work in theory

  • Looks lovely, hope you can solve the BB issues

  • seriously considering 2010 Veloce

  • Ben, could I borrow couple of your axles in the future, should I ever encounter similar issues?

  • I don't have that many, but if i can help i will

  • Ed, could the bearings be too big? are your bearings the same model as your cups/axle?
    mine are pick n mix

  • Ok bb issue looks to be sorted. I consulted a vintage voodoo priestess.

    Apparently 68 axles can have different lengths from shoulder to shoulder. Campagnolo especially. I have been given a Gipiemme Sprint axle 68 115 and it is shorter from shoulder to shoulder than the Campag i was trying.

    It seems to fit nicely

    wow this pic shows up the dust

    and i've been able to stick with the Hatta sealed cups as the Gipiemme axle seems also a little bit thinner in diameter than the campag which wouldn't fit through the sealed bearing housing.

    I have also been told that the different wall thicknesses of different cups can be an issue for fitting but this wasn't the case here

  • Someone may tell me this clearance could be tighter but i'm happy.

    popped the freewheel on

    Suntour Winner NOS 14-28. I fancied a decent gear range for a change. Especially as Suntour stuff is supposed to be nice in the shifting and i won't be doing any land speed records this year.

    28 looks big though!

  • I think clearance look perfectly fine, and Suntour Winner is full of win (have the same on my roadie).

    You'll like the gearing, the range is pretty good, perfect for the English hill (minus the mountain).

  • excellent, can you recommend a chain?

  • oh modern shimano 6,7,8 speed chain worked perfectly well, about £8-10 from any bike shop.

    I'm the kind who doesn't mind what component it have as long it worked perfectly, my roadie have a 10spd rear derailleur, 6 speeds blocks, with 8 speed chain - still shift as smooth as it used to.

  • ok, i reckon i need a seatpost bolt like this


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Woodrup Star Trophy 1980

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