Woodrup Star Trophy 1980

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  • Who's this straining from his cardboard prison?

  • Cardboard womb... :/

  • quite right i'll edit that

  • it's this fella

  • Woodrup Star trophy 1980. Going for full Suntour Superbe (nearly)

  • that's lovely, very jealous!

  • I've identified the frame (bought from Hilary Stone) as a Star Trophy model from the shot-in seat stays, sloping fork crown and lack of muduard eyelets. I suppose it could be a custom build. The plan is to email Kevin Sayles and find out.

  • headset is a Hatta Swan of unknown vintage but quite lovely. Bought from Pia aka Wingedangel
    and fitted by Kris and Adam at Cloud9 Cycles Camden who are very helpful and friendly guys.

    fairly sizeable spacer but better that than cutting steerer tubes

  • To match the headset i found these NOS Hatta bb cups. i got 2 sets so one is spare

    i can't find out anything about them ie age or model but they have sealed bearings. I haven't located an axle for them yet.
    I need a 115mm ISO 68 of any brand if anyone has something.

  • wheels are Suntour Superbe/Mavic MA2 that came from a Concorde.

    I built it this far to see how it looks and test the reach

    The bars could be too wide and also don't match the shiny stem brilliantly
    SR Road Champion and Suntour Superbe stem (massive thanks Ian B)

    Not sure about the look of the saddle

    Unknown Kashimax. No NJS stamp but there is a JIS one. Haven't seen this model before. Could be for a bmx for all i know.

  • but the chainset is a winner. Suntour Superbe from the same Concorde.

  • Last thing for today

    The frame seems to take a non standard seatbolt. Can anyone tell from the pic which seatbolt i need?

  • 2 classy steel builds at once? greedy, some might say.

  • burp

  • Really nice seatstays on that.

    I like the saddle from the angle on the photo of the whole bike where you've kindly left your duster on your bars, less so of it straight-on.

    And yes, greedy.

  • Just lovely all round.

  • really nice.

  • Props for going for superb, i'm a big suntour fan

  • woodrup - nice, my local bikeshop :)

  • Very nice. I'm putting the final touches to an all-Superbe Joe Waugh at the moment - just missing the headset and some Araya rims to build the hubs into and replace the stand-ins I'm using..

  • sounds awesome. Do you have the pedals/seatpost?

    i do not sadly, but working on it.

    anyway pics or it didn't...

  • woodrup - nice, my local bikeshop :)

    Me too, where do you live?

  • Here's a less-than-stellar phone pic taken just after I'd put the bartape on - cloth for now while I see how I get on with the bars (Road Champions also!), then maybe swap for Toshi leather.

    Seatpost & pedals are present, got lucky with some great deals on the last few bits.
    Currently sporting a 105 headset and Tipo/G40 wheels as stand-ins and need to pick up some generic gum hoods, 'cos originals seem nigh-on impossible to find.

    Once finances allow, I plan to get frame repainted and properly decaled by Dave Yates - the guy I bought it from had had it resprayed and stickered up at some point by a local shop who sponsored him in triathlons.

  • Gum hoods are on eBay at £60 I think

    Sticking with the blue as frame colour? Love the saddle tape combo. Do I spy fluted superbe stem?
    Wingedangel has a Yates built Waugh. If you're ever passing Hackney wick you should nip into her shop to compare.

    How's the superbe ride? I hope better than every campagnolo record set up I've ever tried.

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Woodrup Star Trophy 1980

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