The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS)

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  • The Instructor Training Organisations are setting up a new trade body to represent Bikeability schemes across England called The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS).

    This body will provide a voice for Bikeability and will look after the interest of its members. It will have a remit to ensure the quality of delivery of Bikeability cycle training and has the approval of the Department for Transport.

    I will post more details shortly.

    As part of setting up this body we are looking for a couple of people who run Bikeability schemes that are not ITOs or Local Authority schemes and who wish to get involved and be considered for the board of TABS. If you are interested please get in touch with me ( or send me a pm

  • One point of clarification:
    The reason TABS is looking for Bikeability scheme representatives form schemes who are not ITOs or local Authorities is because there is already enough representation from both of these on the interim board.
    (Thanks for your emailed question David)

  • Here is the first official announcement about this:

    The Association of Bikeability Schemes is a new body, being set up to represent the cycle training industry. There are now well over 350 Bikeability Schemes registered and more than 6,000 people have trained as instructors. Between them, they are delivering Bikeability training to more than a quarter of a million children each year.

    The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS) will act as an industry body to give a greater collective voice to Bikeability Schemes. Like any industry, there is of course competition between members, but most mature industries have realised that there is also a lot of common ground and that they are stronger when they unite on this common ground.

    TABS has been set up by a sub-group of the Instructor Training Organisations as a Community Interest Company and will soon invite applications for membership. All active Bikeability Schemes that hold a current up-to-date registration will be eligible to join.The Department for Transport has been very supportive of this initiative.

    A primary motivation for setting up TABS is to help ensure the quality of delivery of Bikeability across the country. There will be a launch conference in Birmingham on Thursday 21st June. This will include a chance to elect a board for the Association and there will be plenty of opportunity to get involved: this is an industry body run by the industry, for the benefit of its members. The conference will also provide an opportunity to discuss all sorts of aspects of cycle training and, of course, the chance to meet people from all over the country who, like you, are dedicated to delivering excellent Bikeability cycle training. Put this date in your diary and watch this space for more details.­ad/bikeability-schemes-create-representa­tive-body/012495

  • **The first meeting of TABS Board was yesterday. Wonderfully chaired by Phillip Darnton. We have made much progress and have firmed up plans for the launch conference on 21st June. We have begun to outline the Quality Assurance processes for Bikeability.

    There is also a Facebook page.­ation-of-Bikeability-Schemes/18999457442­1799
    Website coming soon

  • All thre very best with this! It's needed.

    I do hope that firms who are not delivering National Standard training will no longer be able to access the Dft money. We badly need a purge of poor practice. We all know who i'm talking about... Well in London we do at any rate.

    As long as firms can sign off their own instructors via the ITO system, there will be a problem. Standards need to be INDEPENDANTLY checked not self checked. Those falling below standard need to change and that should include training standards and standards of employment. As constructed, cycle training does not offer a viable career with most firms. How will we build a professional industry if we are not offering a real profession?

  • See this for information about quality assurance for Bikeability­st2926390

  • Norman Baker's speech at TABS conference:
    Bikeability - YouTube

  • We have updated the news on TABS website:

  • The elections for TABS Board results are in.
    The Board comprises of:

    Judith Billingham (Wiltshire Council), Liz Clarke (BikeRight!), David Dansky (Cycle Training UK), Dr. Michael Frearson (Outspoken Training), Kirsti Grayson (Go Velo), David Shannon (London Borough of Islington), Greg Woodford (CTC)­ction-results/

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The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS)

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