Indexed headset - repair or replace?

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  • Not really up on such things, but I'd have thought Shimano would use a generic cartridge: are there any measurements on it?

    Have you tried

  • the required bearings for dura ace hp 7410 are part 787-9803 (5/32 x 18 balls)....or you could buy 36 off good quality 5/32 bearings from simplybearings and save yourself a tidy sum

  • FSA and Cane Creek do loads of headsets in loads of options...maybe check with your LBS

  • the required bearings for dura ace hp 7410 are part 787-9803 (5/32 x 18 balls)....or you could buy 36 off good quality 5/32 bearings from simplybearings and save yourself a tidy sum

    Are you suggesting opening the cartridge and replacing the bearings and repacking? Sorry if I am being a little thick here. From what I can tell the replacement cartridges are now rocking horse poo.

    ^^^ And Scilly the cartridge was proprietary to Shimano from what I can tell.

  • that's exactly what I'm proposing

  • tardy dredge:­ic.php?t=114244

    Retrobike suggest that a bunch of different cartidges might fit.

    This site:­.aspx?id=433232 also has many more links.

    Yes, I have one of these dura ace cartridge headsets and I think that the cartridges are shot, although I am working out how to open them with out damaging them.

    I will try that, and if I can't, I will try to buy some... the ones I thought I saw at SJS were 1 1/8 which is no good.

  • In the end, I never opened them up and mucked about etc. and instead took the expensive solution. Eura Asia Imports has these cartridges (I couldn't find anyone else). They won't sell to the public, only the trade. As Hubjub stocks their cogs, I figured they had an account with them, so I e-mailed the nice chaps there and in the end they sourced them for me. I can't remember how I found EAI but it took forever. Warning, it's not cheap!­rt/pc/Dura-Ace-HP7410-Cartridge-Headset-­Bearings-2145p15691.htm

  • thanks! approx how not cheap is "not cheap"? I have just opened one up. It was easy. Slightly harder to close it again and make sure the lip on the seal stays outside, but I will deal with that properly later. I am just going to buy some new bearings - the races look fine - and then I will have a refurbished DA headset. Do you still have your old cartridges? Can I have them? :)

  • ^^they look perfect, exactly the same, obviously. Good detective work finding it, they don't seem to be available anywhere else

  • As t.o. says the SJS ones are 1 1/8" and not 1", no?

  • .

  • Dredge alert on brinelled headsets:

    Can anyone throw light on the advice I once heard/read that you can revive a headset that's a bit brinelled by turning a race or cup 90 degrees? Which parts would one rotate? Or maybe both cups and races turned in opposite directions?

    Would love to prolong the life of my headset ... it's threaded, old school loose bearings (caged or not I don't recall) ...

  • Using uncaged bearings can help if you haven't got them already as it changes the spacing of the bearings relative to the dents in the race. I've no comment turning a race, but I can't see how it would hurt.

  • Yeah, gathered that from the chat on this thread. Thanks.

    Anybody else tried this rotating thing?

  • Turning the races can help, especially if the pits are more pronounced on one side; as can changing the number of bearings: ie remove the cage and add another bearing.

    Either way, the principle is the same: to change the position of the bearings relative to the pits. The second method is more reliable, as the bearings and pits are now differently spaced, so they can't match up. It's pot luck whether you rotate the cups just enough or too much.

  • OK scilly thanks. Will investigate, can't remember if this one has cages or not...

  • If you're up for spending far more time on this than the components are worth, i'd suggest my toothpaste technique from here. I've done one headset this way with reasonable success, though it was very fiddly and involved toothpaste covered bearing balls attempting to escape into the depths of the frame, and various techniques with strips of paper to try and keep them where they're supposed to be during assembly.

  • If the races are pitted, it's really time to replace it: is it a particularly nice headset?

  • Rotating the worn races 90 degrees and a re-grease would be a short term fix.
    Toothpaste idea is rubbish.
    It's so mildly abrasive that to make any difference, all the balls' and races' surface hardening would have to be completely worn away, thus scrap.

    (Unless it's Ray Reardon's or Jerry Dammers' super Drac fang paste).

  • My headset is a Campy Record with 20 caged balls. It became pitted with"auto-steering. The bottom race on the fork had visible pit marks. I removed balls from cage and installed with lots of new grease. This did not solve the problem. In the old days, there were several shops that could mill and polish the pitted races smooth. Has anyone ever done this? I live in San Diego and could not find anyone providing this service.

  • some people replace caged balls with loose balls how ever i just read this..
    'the spacing of the balls in Campagnolo cages in Campagnolo headsets are precisely what they would be with loose balls. So placing loose balls will give you the same situation as a Campagnolo caged set. If you want to improve on the set-up, remove one cup and replace it at 90° to where it used to be in the frame, then get a caged bearing of a less expensive headset where the bearings are spaced differently than with the Campagnolo headset.. This is generally the best improvement that you can get for your buck. It will however not be like new.'

  • FYI anyone that needs replacement bearings for their 7410 Headset. They are available here.­rt-Y-78798030-HP-M740-CARTRIDGE-TYPE-BEA­RING5/32X182PCS-787-9803-Shimano-Code-Y7­8798030

  • Thanks for reviving my thread! Woo.

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Indexed headset - repair or replace?

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