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  • can you not use some spacers, or is it a casette hub?

  • can you not use some spacers, or is it a casette hub?

    i think it's onle 1 or 2mm under and the spacer i found was like 3 mm thick...

  • Can't find anywhere online to buy the dura ace track nuts - i've googled my brains out... looking for M9 front and M10 rear

    Anyone bought some recently?

  • thanks - god know how I didnt come across those. I've bought stuff from hubjub a few times as well

  • Does anyone know what size nuts the on-one track hubs use?

    I'm struggling to find an answer.

    Also as I'm asking, would it be possible to switch them with allen key nuts? I can't think of a way without an internal threading, but thought I may as well ask.

  • On One track nuts are the standard size. you have to swap out the axles if you want to use allen nuts, I have a new set of front and rear allen key axles if your interested. they are 100% compatible with On One. they have nice bearing dust covers too

  • I have some of those chaintugs shown above. Before I got those I had the same slippage issue. I recommend them.

    I'm somewhat confused by the comment ”I have horizontal drops, so chain tugs are not an option.".

  • Even two years later? ;-)

    ^^^ I put DA nuts on my on-one hubs with no issues.

  • Even two years later? ;-)

    Only just noted the date of the 1st post.

  • Is 10mm track nut thread also be called as M10x1 or it's totally different?

  • A 10mm diameter thread can have 3 different pitches.
    What is referred to as course will have a pitch of 1.5mm between the tops of two adjoining threads.
    There are two other pitches which are not very common these are 1.25 fine and 1.0 extra fine between the tops of two adjoining threads.

  • Awesome, thanks for that info. Would you know what pitch Dura Ace track nuts have?

  • Sorry do not know the pitch but a shop that sells studding will also have 10mm nuts and I would think they would be the course pitch as that is fairly standard. You could also try any garage / car spares place.

  • Pretty sure da rear track nuts are M10 x 1mm.
    Can order from hubjub sjs madison clone etc

  • Thanks +lot14 and +adrevporn

    that's a pretty good resource for hubs info etc

  • So I bought a pair of DuraAce track nuts and turns out they're not the same thread, as Royce. Cliff from Royce said the thread is M10x1. Really don't want to spend £24 + £5.50p&p on a pair of Royce nuts.

  • Here you go:­rd-track-nut-nutted-axle-rear-each-prod7­910/

    They won't be as nice as Royce's nuts though!

  • Sorry dimi. Royce eh? Strange.. im not sure if its da nuts that are wrong. Definately rear nut s?

  • No worries, DA nuts are pretty good looking, I'm sure I will find some use for them. Definitely rear and M10. Might get the ones mentioned by +Cranky or VeloSolo ones.

  • I'm on the hunt for a single (or a pair) rear campagnolo tarck nut ...


  • Well I spose some other stuff would do.

    I currently have one on a tub wheel I need to change often, trackside, that is for a 14mm spanner... I'm slowly rounding it with my dinky toolpack 15mm spanner ...

  • @colm where did you get the replacement axles for On-One hubs with dust covers and Allen nuts? Ta

  • hi, they were from a custom novatec track hub that is no longer sold by the company. I have a few sets available for front and rear, silver or black dust covers with matching dome spacers

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Best track nuts

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