The Peak District Riding Thread

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  • yeah, that looks right up my street. thank you very much!

  • Made a little amendment cutting off the B5470 and then up to Pym Chair and instead headed straight south to Kettleshume, but you can tweak as you like now :)

  • A lovely, if rather grippy, route.

    You could lop off some climbing by going straight up Long Hill from Whaley Bridge to Buxton and heading out to Earl Sterndale via Harpur Hill.

    Turning right at the top of Mam Tor would bring you back into Chapel via Rushup Edge.

  • Earl Sterndale is stunning scenery, well worth the effort getting there. Bridge Bakehouse in Whaley worth a cake visit- park near the canal basin and you can hit the cakes at the end.
    If it’s a Thursday or a Friday and you want a guide let me know!

  • Fredtc was the fellow looking for information. I would be up for meeting forumers for a ride though.

    Confirmation here that Long Hill is passable and largely traffic free­us/1519022198765375489?s=21&t=nVLx9VPNFJ­J7Lfauxb9jvw

  • I rode this today, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was so so so good. Heading back to work with a big smile and great memories!

    I’m coming back ASAP for a few days. Those first 30 or so miles are some of the best ive ever ridden

  • @youramericanlover on this glowing recommendation its well and truly pinned for riding when I’m a good day (for legs) comes up!

  • Ah I'm so glad! The first 20 or so miles I've never actually done but knew they were bangin (and Peak District thread approved). Rest is pretty classic. And yeah first time I went I just couldn't believe how good the Peaks were. Hope the hike-a-bike wasn't too much of a shock!

  • Nice ride the other day near Bamford and Stanage Edge. The views are amazing up there!

  • Yeh mega views, worth the climbing. Is the coffee van still at the car park below stanage?

  • Yes, I stopped there last Sunday whilst in massive need of fuel. 1400 calories in one chocolate chip flapjack! Get in.

  • Not sure. There was one called 'Peaky Grinders' I passed somewhere around there. I'll hopefully go back and pay attention at some point over the summer.

  • how big was the flapjack 😲

  • Peaky Grinders is the one, yeah. I thought it was closed because it opens from a hatch at the back rather than the side. Pulled a massive u turn when I realised it was actually in business.

    Flapjack was chonky. From the way it fell apart in the hand I’d say it was at least mostly butter.

  • Eff me I started the ronde von chinley route today. That’s a beast! Could do with a couple of extra cogs for that. If anyone fancies a beast of a ride with a decent beer and pizza at the end the route is online, but the event doesn’t happen anymore. I joined halfway round with a bit of a ride to get there and back. That was plenty

  • That looks spicy. Think I'll give it a go this summer, will probably end up being the middle segment of a 70mile ride though.

  • Yeh that’s the tricky bit- I think it’s an ok ride but you really don’t need to do much extra that day! It’s also so steep it’s hard to just ride steady- you’ll fall over. It was a day to regret being 90kg

  • Sent a link for the RvC route to the lad I ride with, now I think he's ignoring me, or trying to think of a good reason not to do it.

  • Oof this looks fun, might have to give it a go. Might train it across to Chinley as I don’t fancy taking that on as the middle of a ride out of a Sheffield.

  • I’d say 100% do it on a dry day and not after heavy rain- the amount of loose gravel and other sh** washed down those back roads was pretty sketchy. Low gearing, fresh brake pads and don’t be a hero and it’s no drama (says the guy who never does it all!)

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The Peak District Riding Thread

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