The Peak District Riding Thread

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  • We looked at it. For quite a long while. As we slowly pushed our bikes up.

    What the social media didn't prepare us for was the closure / construction site signs.

    Amazing views.

    (@Tallboy the road at the top is great, I've been along it once before, on foot that time.)

    To warm up we did Monks Rd & Snake Pass, water refilled by a kind DoE leader at top of Snake.

    Cool down climb was Mam Nic.

    Perfect day for spending hours in the hills.

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  • Some of the views

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  • ^ cloud appreciation thread >>>>>>

  • Were you on fixed or is it just unridable with yer average gear range?

  • Gears. 34 - 27 (or 25) my smallest. I think a 30 - 42 setup might be rideable up there. Kidding. I'm never going back. Maybe.

  • Route profile is spikey.

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  • So is it not really open at the moment? No great loss I’m sensing!

  • Finally rode round the roaches and Staffordshire moorlands today. The purple monster did me proud. Lovely area and great views, I’ll be back there soon!

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  • @atk remember the nice gravel track we rode up from the A6 towards Buxton old road and Lyme park and I said ‘I’m sure theres another similar track further along the hill’? There isn’t, it’s absolute shit from a horses butt. Super narrow grassy track overgrown with nettles, about 13 gates, some wet slippy stone steps onto a wet wood bridge, and a bit of marshy grass with no path through. All round avoid this route, use the one we did with one gate.

    Apart from that still no gravel round Marple and genuinely still no gravel bike

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  • Noted!

    Will try and get over again in the next couple of weeks if you're about? Doing everything I can to avoid restarting house renos...

  • Yep I’m usually free Thursday or Friday at the moment. I’m taking this gravel lark so seriously I’ve entered a gravel event next week!

  • Any Sheffield / East Peaks types around next week and fancy a ride of some variety? I have the week off work; could do Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Thinking of dragging the MTB out having done a bit of gravelling up to Barnsley and back today, but would be happy with whatever really.

    That’s assuming my leg is back to normal having slipped whilst carrying my bike up a flight of stairs today. Smashed the top of my thigh right on the corner of a hard bastard stone step. Managed to ride it off over the next 20ish miles but it’s properly sore now. What a twat.

  • Quite fancy some of this. Will see what I can do about some time off work.

  • Cool. Afraid I can no longer do the Monday (my parents have selfishly decided to take me out for lunch, the bastards). Would have to be back home by 3 on the Tuesday to do child school collection duties.

    Have car and bike carrying capabilities so could always commit the cardinal sin of driving to the ride to expand the options.

  • Wow, I finally got off my road bike, and took the gravel bike out with a couple of locals. It was a hugely tough, but hugely enjoyable day. It sounds like I'm the other side of the Peak District than most of you (I'm just outside Derby), but I was really impressed with how many fab trails there were just a 45-minute drive away. I wasn't able to ride up and down everything, however my technique definitely improved over the course of the day, and I was proud of what I was able to cycle up toward the end.

    Here's what I ended up doing:­5898

  • Rode my "classics" route yesterday - Brickworks, Windgather, Goyt Ln and a6 silliness home. Haven't had the chance to ride a load this year really, so it was a joy to be out in the hills again even with poor fitness.
    Highlights were a moment of pure silence in thick cloud/fog up the top of Windgather/pym (could only hear my tyres) and overindulging at the cafe stop in Whaley.

  • Now go do it again and get my biketag!

  • I've a couple pesky vv squares up there to grab actually...

  • I'm NW Derby. For ride from town, White Peak loop is good, either via Tissington Trail or High Peak, but need to get to Whatstandwell. These trails are at the less gnarly end of the spectrum though.

  • Yeah, cool. I've heard good things about that loop. I'm in Little Eaton so not too far to get to Whatstandwell. Will try it out soon, once hill climb season is over.

  • I'm in Allestree. If interested I've got a short route from Little Eaton I can DM over, mixed terrain.

  • Ooh yes please, that would be awesome!

  • I did part of the old ronde von chinley route this week if you like classics rides? Absolute brute of a ride, all without going more than 10km from Whaley bridge and it’s glorious bakery

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The Peak District Riding Thread

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