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  • maybe next time, I've got an evening of flat pack furniture assembly.

    Probably about the same in terms of workout but with the added likelihood of an argument.

  • We confirmed there is not bloody loads of gravel round Marple and tested a few new sections to us both. As a microcosm of the gravel thread @atk rode his beautiful steel wide slick tyre beast and I rode my 29er hardtail. 3 hours done. No gravel at all

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  • Hiya!

    I am going to do two days road riding from Sheffield to Macclesfield and back. First day aims to be big (for me) and takes in lots of the gumpf on the way to and after Mam Tor etc. Coming back from Maccy tho I'm not sure what to do between Cat and Fiddle and Bakewell. Macclesfield forest sounded nice so routed through there but don't know the roads at all. Basically the first 15 miles I'm keen on and the last seems good as I wanted to give Curbar a go, but if there is another nice way back into Sheffield I'd be interested. But otherwise some suggestions for nice lanes / cafes / etc (on a Sunday) would be great. This is what I have so far for day 2:

  • I highly recommend the white chocolate and cranberry flapjacks from Jollys van at the top of Curbar Gap.­pany/
    Should be there on a Sunday, though have seemed a bit variable with their opening times/presence recently.

    I'm struggling to think of a road based route into Sheffield that avoids the A621 without getting fairly convoluted, but it's not too bad for motorists, and you get some nice views at the top.

    Once in Sheffield, I'd avoid Millhouses Park, and take Shoreham Street rather than Queen's Road:­f=avs

    The path through Hutcliffe Woods is very fine gravel rather than tarmac, should be fine for a road bike. There's a set of massive dirt jumps in there too, if you want to get rad.

  • I’d consider going via Eyam (plague village), Hathersage (great cheap cafe outside pool), long climb out of Hathersage to top of Ringinglow and then a long downhill into Sheffield. Great scenery and views from the top above Hathersage

  • Aye, that's nice if you're not set on going up Curbar.

  • Thanks all, those are nice options. I can imagine myself skipping Curbar and going Hathersage way.

    Any thoughts about where to go between Buxton and Bakewell?

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  • That was a top NoGravel ride. Thanks for the excellent guiding and solid local knowledge, a most excellent Tuesday night.

    Token supporting NoGrav evidence attached.

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  • Any thoughts about where to go between Buxton and Bakewell?

    It looks pretty good as-is, your first ~35miles follow a lot of the classic routes out that way. I'll look in detail and see if there's any bonus bits and list cafe stops this afternoon.

    Visitor centre at Tittesworth is usually busy, but generally a safe bet. Scooting over to Wetton Mill for the Tea Rooms/NT Cafe might be a good shout.

    How soon you heading off?

  • @atk thanks! Yeah we'll see how it goes. Some good suggestions, I'm sure we'll cobble something together.

  • Does anyone have any routes or recommended roads/ roads to avoid south of Buxton? I drove that way last week and the views as you climbed out of Buxton were stunning. Should be possible to do a loop towards Bakewell and Eyam and back past Hope Valley, but I know there’s some sketchy roads round there

  • I love the riding around the little roads around Longnor

  • Heading that way tomorrow (obviously stopping at Flash for a brew n a bit of cake).

  • Thanks for the help all. I got one banging day out of it before a tummy bug sent me straight back home the next day.

  • Another day out, the weather was much more suitable for a hilly ride. 60 miles, 6000ft.
    Congleton, Lower Withington, Siddington, Prestbury, Bollington, Brickworks, Lamaload, Gradbach, Flash (where tea and flapjack were taken), Longnor, missed out Warslow (turned off through Newtown), Royal Cottage, Roaches, Meerbrook, Gun Hill, Biddulph Moor, and home.
    Surprisingly not that many people out, Brickworks was extremely quiet.

  • Bumping this because I still can't figure it out on streetview:

  • Kinda looks like Chrome, but I've only walked it, so wouldn't know the actual road.

  • Yeah, I think a day of exploring between Flash and Longnor is on the cards.

  • It was really nice up there today, the road down to Longnor from Flash has some stunning views.

  • Chrome Hill (“sounds like Froome will”), possibly this road?

  • I thought so too

  • Got a feeling that might be dirt track, but I guess there's only one way to find out...

  • Anyone up for a Friday night Marple ride? Bit short notice but weather is looking alright and I've got to work a bit later than normal tomorrow/Thursday.

  • Oops, Google messed up my previous link. This is the place I meant.

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The Peak District Riding Thread

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