The Peak District Riding Thread

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  • Peak side of things: Whitely Woods, Stanage Pole/Long Causeway, Wyming Brook, Houndkirk, Burbage Valley, all of the Eastern Moors Loop is doable on a Gradventourer, Moss Road, Foulstone Delph - Dukes Road (if you can bear the paving slabs along the top of Derwent Edge), TPT through Wharncliffe and beyond, there's some excellent white roads out near Chelmorton to link up with the High Peak Trail.

    Also worth heading out towards Clumber Park, Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Pines.

  • I did some Trans-Pennine Trail getting from Sheffield to Manchester and used the NCN 627 to get on it near Penistone/Oxspring. There were gravelly sections on that.

  • Great, cheers both. Will have a further poke around.


    Always gives me a chuckle

  • How about next Tuesday night for a gravel ride? Time to suit really after 6 for me.

  • My front wheel popped a spoke on Sunday, lying on the grass at pub. So I'm out for a bit unfortunately

  • Wheel size?

  • Works for me. Should be able to get there a little after 6.

  • Meet at Marple station? How far do you want to go?

  • 650b with a large flange hub

  • So far we have myself and Andy riding next Tuesday 6pm from Marple station car park. Couple of hours of gravel ish.
    Plenty of parking, easy ride from Manchester on the canal or get the train up

  • Take pictures please :)

  • And pray to the gods that the weather is better than today's.

  • Just been out in it for 13h!

  • Was it the DP audax?

  • Yep!

    Quick ride report: started off "shit, where's my sunscreen" and quickly became "shit, where's my lightning conductor/i wish this jacket was more waterproof/how am i ever going to dry my shoes".

    There's a #chillestrideever couch half way up Holme Moss now. I should buy a framebag that fits:

    The same photo every time:

    Met a couple of riders from the Northern Roll crew on Holme Moss. They were a great laugh, doing their first audax. Ended up riding most of the route together. Took the whole thing easy after the rain, roads all looked a little greasy:

    For a change it was nice to have some company on these type of rides. We dawdled at controls, stopped a lot to talk to other riders, enjoy the view, swap layers etc and ended up an hour past the final control cut off. Then it absolutely threw it down as we were riding back from Marple.

    Still, one of the best days out I've had on a bike in a while. Now excuse me while I go burn my shoes.

  • Where's that hairpin bend in the picture? Strines?

  • swap layers

    Sexy audax fun

  • Yep, Mortimer road.

  • Maybe a poncho would have kept you drier ;)

  • Tuesday 6pm at Marple station if anyone else fancies a gravel/ easy mtb ride, couple of hours, not super fast

  • Apparently Goyt Valley was open today, closing again 2-28th though :(

  • I'll be fine with slicks and a bucketload of unearned confidence right?

  • I walk the dogs there most days and the felling program started a few weeks weeks ago now.

    I’d be shocked if you couldn’t get through on a bike. They’re only cutting trees. I think as long as you’re sensible and respect the lads working there, you’ll be fine.

  • Sounds nice, working though. Enjoy!

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The Peak District Riding Thread

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