The Peak District Riding Thread

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  • It'd be good to ride out with one or more others for sure - thanks @yoshy for kicking this off.

    I'm unavailable next weekend too I'm sorry to say. I tend to know a week ahead if I'm working weekends or not.

    Maybe a super early start on the solstice weekend, shifts permitting....

    @atk Berwyns ride sounds cool. Does it go past Rosie's Cider Farm?

  • Did you make it out in the end?

    Cloud made for a cooler ride this morning and I was glad I headed towards Lymm as my legs were feeling yesterday from the start.

  • Could be in next week, will check later.

    @rhb not this time. Unless everything goes to pot that is, in which case thanks for the headsup!

  • Unfortunately not, my inner lazy bastard won the day!

  • If it goes to pot I recommend the Black Bart, a Rum barrel aged cider...

  • I know that feeling. That said my mojo is enough to consider a double day again, my legs + hayfever + a beer say otherwise thankfully.

  • I'd have been alright if we hadn't gone from freezer to oven (weather wise) without any foreplay (a week of 17/18°), it just kills me and saps my will to do pretty much anything.
    Might start taking the slightly longer way home after work to get myself acclimatised.

  • I know that one!

  • Nice ride yesterday skirting the edge of the Peak District. Met @jontea over in Goostrey to part ways with some brakes and had a good chat while riding out towards Sutton. While Jon turned off towards Wincle, I set up through Langley and the bridleway climb out of Macc Forest. Gone are the days I could clear it on a single speed and despite having a gear left there was some pushing after that bastard corner the abandoned stone building. Popped out on the road and made it to the top of Charity Lane without dabbing which I was quite pleased with.

    Coming down wasn't too bad, one drop looked a bit meaty and I hopped off the bike (conveniently as a moto was passing, so I think I got away with it anyone was watching). Took the wrong turn back towards the forest and ended up skipping the long grav grav descent, instead hammering it down the sketchy steep road. I am not a natural descender. I was not a fan and neither were my brake pads afterwards.

    A bit pissed off I rolled back through Langley, up Coalpit Lane and along the back roads to Kerridge. Arriving at Lidgetts without realising it was closed a local suggested I push through the field, or head out to Rainow.

    I opted for the latter, but not fancying the main road up to Blaze Hill, I turned off at the Robin Hood after spotting the "bridleway to Bollington" sign. I don't know if you can get through to Blaze Hill that way but I'm glad I didn't. Turning off down Oakenbank Lane was a lovely bit of bridleway with some prime #grassupthemiddle towards the end. Interesting looking tea room at the end too.

    From there followed Shrigley Road, took a quick jaunt on the Middlewood Way, turning off at the Boars Head and followed the road to Norbury Hollow Crossing (which was a lovely leafy descent into, followed by a total shitshow with all the cars trying to cross the tracks), after that it was straight down the Eastern Link tracks, quick jaunt round the Airport tunnels and back up Brooklands drive for a well earned beer.

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  • First time riding in the peaks the other week. (Since moving to Manchester nearly 3 years ago)

    The descent from the second picture was great, Looping back down the Longendale trail.

    My mate who only recently got into riding kept trying to climb 17% hills in his big ring and had to get off a couple times.

    Decent back into Manchester at sunset made for great views.­f=itd

    Admittedly most of the riding was getting too/from the peaks, but was nice either way.

    If anyone has suggestions for road/light gravel routes this side of the peaks Im all ears!

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    Nothing too technical on this route apart from maybe the bit up at Swineshaw res. The rest should be doable and you can come off it at any point to take the road home.

  • Ooo that looks good, might be a bit much for me all in one go but like you say, easy to jump off at any point, Thanks!

  • Weather permitting I might ride Bollington / Macc area road hills early next Sat if anyone is about.

    Maybe brickworks windgather lamaload then bit of cat descent before back to Adlington via the Kerridge & Bollington roads once again.

    Would probably leave s.mcr 6am to reach start of brickworks around 7am, have to be back for family stuff hence super early start... appreciate that might not appeal to many. Let me know if any interest though.

  • I'll be out this afternoon too but to Cheshire lanes today as a gentle one is in order.

  • Has anyone come across this route before­fbclid=IwAR1PQCNLGHgLPL71ytYfY7ZtsUs_nyK­wLvcDGDRnHqY91Kfg-UQKVRZTFzc
    I just started following on strava Andrew Lindley who set the record and appears to be an absolute weapon!

  • I've ridden it but as top/bottom loop, rather than in one go. It's a good ride, bloody hard work, especially if it's been wet. Probably very quick at the moment.

  • There's some really good technical riding in the middle (Edale/Hope Brink section), and some great views around Hayfield. Cut Gate is fantastic. I think there's also a fair bit of not so interesting stuff to link it all up. Everyone should visit Gratton Dale at least once in their lifetime.

  • 😈

  • Here you go:

    There's some grav in Lyme Park too, but I can never remember where you get in/out unless it's just going straight through from Poynton towards Buxton.

  • There's some grav in Lyme Park too

    There’s a nice track in from the Disley side. Accessed roughly from here: Dropped pin
    Near Stockport SK12 2BY

  • You could actually ride a lot of the bridle way I’ve crudely marked up in red on a gravel bike in the dry.

    The steep bit is steep, however.

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  • Thank! Not exactly near the Peak but it’ll do.

  • I did say it was only skirting along the edge!

  • Yeah, that's where I normally pop out. Will have to give the Gritstone trail bit a go though, didn't know you could get through from the bottom.

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The Peak District Riding Thread

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