Hip Hop Slave Bikes / Hipster Sleds

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  • not sure if anti or slave

  • slammed stem would make it a milllion times cooler.

  • Needs Enve pump between seat tube and rear wheel

  • Flat bars never look good.

  • shit gear ratio for a hill climber !

  • It's a conversion, straight to anti. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • ^hilarious.
    anyone ever ride those girvin forks?
    Laterally stiff, but flexed back toward you when you hit a bump.... rather disconcerting
    look rad tho

  • What the hell is going on?

  • I asked this here, but probably worth asking here as well: what would a GT Pulse (frame and original fork) in good condition sell for? I have the opportunity to buy one, but I may be paying over the odds.

  • Seem to go anything in the region of £250-500ish if it's tidy I would pay upper end definitely... Is it with original fork? (And were not talking the ti one are we?)

  • A GTB went on eBay for £400 something... which is 90% hipster tax. The Pulse is supposed to be a nicer frame.

  • GT Pulse has lots of potential!

  • It is a GT Pulse frame and original fork made from Kinesis Easton tubing. The condition is good. See the shoddy phone pic below.

    I would be paying top dorrah for it (i.e. over £500), but it seems they don't come along in good condition in the right size with original fork very often.

  • Not sure if real...

  • I remember Mark Eyres on here bought one recently, possibly for over £600. To me it is more desirable (more durable and less common) than a dale track, if you've got the cash then buy it, looks tidy and those triple triangles will probably hold of increase value... Good size too. (Envious)

  • What are your doubts? It looks almost exactly the same as Jambon's here:

    The only difference I note is the decal on the fork - the E is blue on Jambon's but white on this fork. I guessed it is either a different year, or a weirdly accurate fake with some minor off details.

  • I got my GTB in a trade worth around £300-350. Good condition, OG fork, headset etc.

    Pulse is made out of 'better' (Kinesis) Aluminium, but I wouldn't pay over £500 for one. If it's worth that to you and you can justify it though, go ahead.

  • Classic

  • Wheel labels not aligned bothers me

  • Soz, not referring to GT. :o)

    Could not work out if weird statue looking at me in pic of was shopped.

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Hip Hop Slave Bikes / Hipster Sleds

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