Hip Hop Sled Bikes / Hipster Sleds

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  • It did have magical rehoming powers.

    (only because of the forum)

  • stolen?

  • It was, but because it was so unique, someone saw it on eBay and I got it back.
    By that point- I had already used the insurance moneys to buy geek2.

  • Worked out ok then, some serious spirit right there.

  • Only because I don't own it anymore...

    Now a write off...i think.

  • who bought it off scoble?

  • Can't remember but I saw it in TFG with a damaged chainstay (I think).

  • Ok, I'll leave you with this bit of" probably not true but a fantastic story any way"ness.

    The reason that Bianchi's are the colour that they are, despite the fact that they are named "white" is that Mr Bianchi is colour blind. So wat started out as being a white bike company in honor of the man that owned the company changed when his head paint mixer thought it would be funny to see how much blue he could get away with putting in the paint before the colour blind Mr. Bianchi noticed. That is how we have ended up with that particular shade of blue/green.

    Now, I'm sorry I've found this thread irritating, I'll just pop it on ignore and leave you to it.

    I always though this was the case, but someone informed me recently that it was old tins of paint used as part of the camoflaging the Italian Military.

  • from wikipedia


    Bianchi bicycles are traditionally painted Celeste (pronounced che-les-te in Italian, Se-lest in English), a turquoise also known as Bianchi Green, (and sometimes, incorrectly Tiffany Blue, a copyrighted colour). Contradictory myths say Celeste is the colour of the Milan sky, the eye colour of a former queen of Italy for whom Edoardo Bianchi made a bicycle (the crowned eagle of the company logo is an adaptation of the former royal crest) and that it was a mixture of surplus military paint. The shade has changed over the years, sometimes more blue, then more green.[2] ]

  • But Wiki's bollocks...

  • Oh my dais.
    this is my dirty dream bike.

  • why? it's shit.

  • Guilty pleasure and I'm sure for quite a few people too!

  • Surely the brief for this thread (and any HHSB) is:

    1. a track* frame (ideally of some rarity or providence),
    2. at least one sticker or spoke card,
    3. having rims no shallower than 30mm, unless there are less than 5 spokes,
    4. set up for street riding,
    5. comprising of no less than 3 street cred components,
    6. built using a minimum £1k worth of parts @ RRP (i.e. total build) - bonus points for anyone who has spent +10% over RRP to achieve the final product, and
    7. has some sort of aesthetic appeal no matter how remote.

    • there maybe *some *remote exceptions where frames other than track ones can be accepted, but the default should always be track frames with track geo.

    There is also a case to be made for a bright colour to be included, but I have omitted this on the basis that there are some legitimate murda'd out HHSB. The same goes for large logo's, they are generally approved of, but not core.

  • Fuck me, it's like the past 4 years never happened.

  • £1k of parts?

    or £1k for the full bike?

    If its for the parts you've ruled out the geek by a long way.

  • Sorry I meant over £1k's worth of total bike, if purchased at RRP.

  • who bought it off scoble?

    Can't remember but I saw it in TFG with a damaged chainstay (I think).

    Yeah my friend bought it, but not off Ed, I don't think. The frame has got several twists and turns in it now, and so has been written off, along with the wheels and cranks (apparently).

  • Only because I don't own it anymore...

    Does this count as an HHSB? I don't like the plastic clips but think it looks rather smart otherwise - hardly the same league as a fluoro be-spokked keirin frame w/ risers

  • Riser bars do not a HHSB make.

    We really need Pistinator and Teenslane as guest judges.

  • No indeed. Inappropriately deep track bars coupled with an epic bar to saddle drop can help tick that box too.

  • Oh my dais.
    this is my dirty dream bike.

    650c Shamal in a 700c fork = rizla clearance increased to 27" conversion standards.

    Probably loads of pedal strike too. Fial.

  • Love this. /shame

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Hip Hop Sled Bikes / Hipster Sleds

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