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  • I would like to maintain my bike better, and to do so, would need to clean/wash my bike regularly.

    I don't have access to a garden hose, so does anybody know a place where I could wash my bike?

  • MiCycle, Islington

  • Garage forecourt, there is normally a hose with the air compressor.

  • All you need is a bucket! A hose is overkill (unless you ride cyclocross, then you need a jet washer).

  • Use your bath

  • Use your loaf

  • 2 buckets, dishwashing brush, sponge.

  • Use your bath

    This^ plus shower = job done.

  • The disabled shower/changing room at work.
    innocent whistle

  • sometimes a bucket of water and a brush can create a mess in itself. if you dont have a dedicated cleaning space popping on a pair of nitrile gloves and using a £1 pack of tesco baby wipes can do a job.

    if lots of oil is involved you canb spray a bit of finishline speed clean degreaser onto a wipe. spraying finish line onto a paper/mesh/cloth medium makes it last much longer as opposed to wasting an entire can on one or two cleans.

  • N.B. If washing bike in bath, best make sure partner is out, or could be hell to pay.

  • ^ +1

  • Bath just make sure when the wife gets home it looks very clean! Or buy some cheap baby wipes and they should do fine for most of it. My biggest problem is cleaning cogs with a brush as it tends to flick bits all over the shop.

  • When I'm feeling particularly lazy I stop at one of those hand car wash places.

    £1. 1 minute. Job done.

  • i run a business providing bike cleaning services to londons busy types
    can visit you where ever you are ( inside the M25 ) for a modest fee of only 32.50 which includes a wash polish chrome buff dry and hairdryer to remove those last vestiges of moisture that would only go to create rust and tight nuts

  • towel underneath, spray the whole thing with gt85. Done.

  • I will ask my wife

  • take a shower with your bike, 2 birds with one stone

  • come round and Use my bath

  • yah you can use my bath, my rates are reasonable.

  • Carry a travel size bottle of shower gel and wait for a rainy day.

  • MiCycle, Islington

    Have you used this? If so, how did you find it?

  • Thanks guys, my shower is too small to get my bike in, so that won't work. I actually think I'll use a combination of garage forecourts and buckets.

    Any recommendations on what to use to clean the bike, and also to prep it for the next ride? I ride a fixed gear, if that helps in any way.

  • I thought the point of teh fixes was you didn't have to clean them? Have the 'low maintenance' claims been disproved?

  • you don't have to, the dirt keeps them from rusting.

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Place to wash bike

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