Cielo singlespeed 29er

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  • ..... hodnocení.....

    I like it.

    sets fire to dictionary

  • Hydraulic fluids hate water ;)

    The bb7 are a great cable operated brakes, but it does need adjusting every now and then, more than v-brakes generally.

    Even a well set-up cable operated brakes cannot water to hydraulic.

  • got these on my karate monkey, very good indeed

  • oops
    i am more than happy with my BB7's they work as well as any disc i have ridden# stopping power top notch .... do they heat and loose efficiency then ?
    maybe i haven't used them in extremis then


    I destroyed my bb7's utterly in about one year.

    I changed to hydraulic and never looked back. Loads more modulation, and enough stopping power to actually stop me on a descent!

  • brooks on an mtb, it will be ruined from all the wet mud flying up at it

  • brooks on an mtb, it will be ruined from all the wet mud flying up at it

    Yup, I agree.

    I also love the Aliante way too much to live without it.

    However, the Brooks will look awesome for the short life that it leads.

  • look at the fizik tundra - its the mtb version of the Arione

  • How about going for a wider rim? I've just got some Velocity P35s on my single speed 29er and couldn't be happier. Running WTB Exi Wolf 2.3 at a nice low pressure, and its been wonderful, great grip, and enough baloon to take the sting out of the trails. Shamless photo time.

  • If I was building a 29er, I'd probably run either the P35s (tubeless) or 44mm Snowcats.

  • look at the fizik tundra - its the mtb version of the Arione

    I never got on with the Arione though, yet the Aliante I always found to be near perfect. Unless something very surprising happens I'll be running an Aliante before the year is out (2012).

  • Brooks is all kind of wrong... don't do it!

  • Just get an old Flite off of ebay for pennies (example:­lite-classic-saddle-black-/220922731711?­pt=UK_sportsleisure_cycling_bikeparts_SR­&hash=item3370055cbf#ht_530wt_51). If you don't like it, you've not lost much.

    There is a reason that they were the only saddle you saw on high end mountain bikes for a decade.

  • You make a good point and much as I like flights I know think this:


    goes with this:

  • Gobi wingflex for sure, there's thousands of them kicking about on eBay

  • It's the should be whichever one you're most comfortable on!
    I haven't read the rest of this thread, but is this going to be a bike to look at or one to ride off road on?

  • oh, and it's gobi wingflex for me too. ;]

  • Flites go with everything, that Cielo included

  • not that flite ^^^ ! all I think of looking at that is bum sweatz, don't think I could bring myself to touch it during fitting never mind ride it....

  • Tatty saddles are fine. It's not bum sweaty, it's just scuffed. Shoe polish would sort most of that out.

  • I have a new gobi wing flex available, PM if you are interested, also have a 350mm 31.6 layback Lapierre pro seat post, both off this bike

  • £36, that seller is a bit dodgy as they don't come with packaging neither does mine because it was a one off from a bike, but i'm not selling lots on ebay, so to me it seems a little odd.

  • Back of a lorry methinks.

  • OEM channel, he pretty much says so in the terms.

  • Switched the Brooks stuff out.

    Grips: ODI Rogue in black
    Saddle: Fizik Aliante Gamma XM in black

    The Gobi is not for my bum or back at all.

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Cielo singlespeed 29er

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