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  • riding a bike is a safe


  • There's no 'foot-dragging'. The Mayor's merely busy putting London's finances in order, and that affects cycling, too. London's finances were thrown into chaos during Johnson's time in office due to his incompetence and neglect. He cancelled the Western Extension to the Congestion Charge and was profligate and inefficient in many of his funding programmes (not limited to transport or cycling or cronyism like the Garden Bridge), effectively no more than a doormat at times.

    I think that there'll be an announcement along sometime which will reveal that Johnson had far less money available for cycling than he claimed and promised people money that didn't exist. I can't prove that, but the value of the cycling component in schemes that were done just doesn't add up. Perhaps Gilligan's trying to pre-empt that and spin his own story.

    In his first couple of months in office, Khan has already made policy announcements which put firmly in the shade anything Johnson ever did (or didn't) for London's environment, such as announcements on air pollution, or the excellent announcement the other day of action to move the focus of development away from the centre only and to increase mixed use away from there.­iq-khan-london-s-future-depends-on-devel­oping-the-suburbs-a3377091.html­ave-your-say/all-consultations/city-all-­londoners

    This is extremely important, easily the most important land development policy that can be undertaken in London, and of huge importance for cycling, too. Cycling thrives on the short, local trip, and the more people can do things locally, the more they will cycle. There's no reason why someone shouldn't be able to live, work, send their kids to school, or go out in the evening all in one place, cycling or walking all the way. Reducing the need to travel is the paramount, high-level transportation objective. It'll take years to turn the rudder, as London's like a supertanker, but this is the right direction.

    I'm no Labour party partisan, but I experienced firsthand how badly London was run during Johnson's time, and it feels so good to see important things being taken care of again.

  • I'm certainly not giving BoJo a free pass...he's left many white elephants that are going to hold London back for a while. That being said in the current political climate which is becoming increasingly hostile to cycle campaigning, I see the need for continued campaigning to reduce the wiggle room for Khan and friends otherwise we'll fall down the list of priorities...

  • "Ealing Cycling Campaign has finally won its campaign to prevent McDonald’s running an access road across the proposed Cycle Superhighway on the A40. The issue has taken hundreds of hours of campaign work stretching over two years, as McDonald's took the case first to a public inquiry and then to the High Court. The restaurant chain finally withdrew its appeal last week. The access road, to a new drive-through restaurant at Gipsy Corner, would have put cyclists at risks of being side-swiped by vehicles turning left off the A40 and crossing the planned new cycle path. The restaurant will still go ahead, but with access via Leamington Park - a solution we suggested two years ago."

  • About time. Peter Mynors of ECC deserves a medal for his efforts on that. Or a new bike.

  • Wasn't Ealing council also against McDonalds proposal. Or they flip flopped or something, initially approving the plan then rejecting it?

  • They approved it initially, before Ealing Cycling Campaign pointed out what the problem was. This is old but:­eal-against-safe-superhighway-dismissed

  • Not sure best place for this but defo relevant. Also belongs in epic wtf­20384579293184?s=20

  • why is it always people that look like they're a full english away from a massive aneurysm that consistently regurgitate this basic rabble rousing arseflop?

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Cycle campaigning

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