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  • Glad it finally arrived... need to order bits too but it's no rush. So I'll hit the trigger.
    Wish me luck.

  • The way I see it...when an item has been shipped with a 24hr service, and it's already 5 days can you say "your item will definitely be with you this week"?
    In my opinion, when it's already several days late, there's a good chance it could be lost, so you can only know it will definitely arrive at a particular time if you haven't actually shipped it yet, and you know that when you actually do it will arrive in the time frame it's supposed to.
    Given that it was already in the second week after they supposedly shipped it, and I was told on the monday of that week that it would definitely arrive that week...and it arrived on the last day of that week...I believe they didn't even ship it until Thursday...knowing that Royal Mail 24 would then get it to me on Friday.
    Yes I'm happy to finally have my chainset, and for a good price...but I call bullshit on the shipping notifications and the excuses.
    In future I'll be sticking with other sellers who can either provide tracking information, or at least accurate delivery times.

  • Given how many people and reviews all complain about the shipping side of things, and items not arriving anywhere near on time...sometimes several weeks for items shipped via the same 24hr's obvious the issue is with the shop not actually shipping when they say, rather than with Royal Mail not delivering on time.

  • Indeed, because if the Royal Mail service really is as unreliable as they are letting on, then you'd expect VS to change to an entirely different courier.

  • I don't order from them for speed but for selection and price..

  • Site seems to be down. I haven't visited it a while.
    Isn't shut permanently?

  • Did your order ever arrive?

  • Just had the same Royal Mail non delivery excuse!
    Ordered over a week ago and after 4 days nothing had showed up so I emailed them for an update. It took them a while to reply which they apologised for as they'd had a family emergncy ........ fair enough.
    Over the next few days we were in email contact when I gave them an ultimatum as to when I expected delivery or would demand a refund. They turned round and said Royal Mail were returning the items back to them as they couldn't find my address????
    Strange, never heard that one before bearing in mind I live on a housing estate in a small town and have never had an issue with deliveries.

    My advice, they may seem cheap but AVOID AT ALL COSTS and go to somewhere like Evans Cycles who know what they're doing. This lot should be wearing spurs and riding horses with their ten gallon hats on!!

    Just a thought but if they do this to hundreds/thousands of customers and never actually send anything out but sit with your money for a week or two, how much interest are they making for very little effort? Maybe I'm just being a little cynical!

  • Has anyone used them recently? Ignorantly I ordered from them without checking online reviews and it doesn't look good. I've got a Eai gold medal sprocket and a Izumi super toughness chain* coming so quite a bit of money to disappear.

    *Don't judge me, I've been killing chains Audaxing and went through a DA sprocket in 2,000miles.

  • They told me I would receive it yesterday, still don't have it. So it will be at least two days late and they lied about shipping. I broke my old chain to take it off so now I don't have the bike useable...

  • Still no item. They said they've sent it but the tracking details they sent me don't work. I just hope the sprocket turns up for my Audax this weekend. First and last time I use them.

  • Unlikely. Order one now from a reputable site if you want it by the weekend.

  • If it hasn't turned up by Thursday I'll grab a surley with next day delivery from wiggle. It'll see me through the weekend and then I'll throw it on the commuter.

  • I ordered a pie of ellipse lockrings and that was fine with no hitch.

    Then ordered some sprockets and I’m getting the Royal Mail non delivery excuse

  • They may hide behind no telephone number but I'm down that way in two weeks so may pop down for a chat.

  • Still nothing. I'll contact my bank on Friday and cancel the transaction as I would guess lying to keep someone's money on an item you don't have/haven't sent is fraud.

    Edit: The cunts are really pissing me off.

  • He told me it was posted last Wednesday, posted 24hr post, missed delivery on 11th and he has rebooked it in for delivery.

    Called royal mail. Posted Monday (5 days after he said), 48hr postage, and wouldn't be possible to book redelivery as an attempt hasn't been made yet. On the upside should be with me today.

    What a lying cunt.

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Velodrome Shop

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