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    Anyone else had a problem with these guys?

    Placed an order for an item. Didn't come for 3 weeks, Sent them an email asking why. Said it was my fault and claimed it clearly said in the description the item was not in stock and there would be a wait and also that they had sent me an email telling me this.

    None of this was true and eventually managed to prove they were lying as Google had cached their website from when i ordered. No proper apology. Bastards

    Angry customer :D

  • Refunded?

  • Nope but they say they have sent it now.

  • Go to their premises and burn it down.

  • ^ he eats pandas

  • Panda - the other, other white meat

  • They can be terrible. Best avoided.

  • Finger lickin' good.

  • I bought from them a few months back - they were undoubtedly flaky and it took about three weeks for my stuff to arrive. However, they did respond to e-mails and my stuff eventually turned up about two weeks later than I was hoping for - not ideal, but it was over the bank holiday/royal wedding period.

    In my situation, some of the delay could be down to the bank holidays/ royal wedding and also that (seemingly) Velodrome Shop is a very small/one-man operation. However, the goods did arrive and no problem with anything thereafter.

    Slightly pissed off at the time but time is a great healer and I would consider using them again.

  • They use HDNL which are the cause of many of the problems.


    Plenty of other honest dealers out there who have the same or similar kit. It's not worth getting your knickers in a twist over losers like this.

  • When I ordered my crankset from the last year it took a long time to arrive. I rang them up after a week and they said that it was because it wasn't in stock whilst stating that was on the website. They were a bit grumpy and the crankset eventually turned up.

    A similar suitation happened to me with tracksupermarket and they guy said what I ordered wasn't available when it stated that it was.. however these guys were super appolegic and sent me a far more expensive alternative and a load of free bits too (inc a few sets of champ grips)

    *i'm aware that these probably reads pretty poorly but I can't be bothered to change it..

  • I ordered cranks from them which never showed up. Bummer. However, when my Fuji Track arrived with a massive dent in the top tube they sent me out another one the next day which actually arrived before the courier came to pick up the fucked one. You can't explain that.

  • Update got my order two days ago 25 days after ordering!

  • Still waiting on my order now wish I had checked this thread first, it will be 2 weeks in a coupke of days they claim they sent it once already, they are now sending it again I think it is more likely they forgot/ did not have the item in stock. Avoid this store guys.

  • I ordered a Dolan Pre Cursa complete bike about 25 days ago now. Originally I ordered it in 54cm and waited for a few days. My order didn't arrive. I eventually emailed them and asked what was happening and they explained that it was out of stock. This is second time this has happened with them, as a few months ago I tried to order an Izumi half link track chain and it was the same situation. Anyway they told me the next 54m frame would be in stock on the 21st may (bearing in mind this is the start of april at the time). I obviously didn't want to wait so long and because it was the only site that had the bike at the price point, I just changed the frame size to 56cm. They told me It'd with me in five working days. Again, I waited and waited and waited. Eventually I emailed them again as to why my bike hadn't arrived and they replied vaguely by saying that the bike had the 'wrong specification' and that THEIR mechanics were working on correct it. They also told me that'd it be with me within two days (which was never going to happen anyway). So again I waited. Five days later I email them again asking where my order was. They replied telling me that apparently they've sent it back to Dolan to change to specification and that would take up to 10 DAYS for them to correct it! And thats not even 10 days to get me. Thats 10 days at Dolan. I'd have to wait however many days for them to ship it to Velodrome shop and then more days for them to ship it to me.

    Anyway I'll be calling Dolan tomorrow to ask them about this whole debacle and I'll probably cancel the order and demand a refund + compensation and then just order it direct from Dolan. So a month on from my original order and I'm still sitting here without a track bike.

    What an absolute bunch of fucking cunts.

    I will never ever order from these amatures again.

  • sounds like need a neg rep button for retailers...

    Saying that, we got massively let down by one of our suppliers 3days (in 28) from date of delivery that delivery would be postponed by at least 3 weeks. ARSE. Actually made me feel like shit having to ring the customer to say their urgently required order that we assured them would be with them in 28days had been absorbed by some arse american company and they would have to wait even longer. Completely out of our control, but I can see how these things happen. However, its the relations with the customer that can affect the outcome, that these shops seem to be somewhat lacking in.

  • Still waiting on my order now wish I had checked this thread first, it will be 2 weeks in a coupke of days they claim they sent it once already, they are now sending it again I think it is more likely they forgot/ did not have the item in stock. Avoid this store guys.

    Further to this, my parts did eventually come but it required two more rounds of emailing with them telling me that they sent it again! According to them two parcels containing £140 of stock just got lost by royal mail and they where fine to send it out for a third time. I don't think so. When it did turn up the 15t cog was the wrong one. It turned out the one I ordered had not been in stock so they sent me a better alternative. The larger problem was that they didn't tell me, they just assumed I would be fine with it.

  • jack you should check your backaccount after the refund

  • as they might be a bit dodgy with that aswell

  • I've just purchased a helmet from the Velodrome shop.
    If it turns up and I paid £25 under RRP.
    If not my credit card company will pay me back.

  • It will turn up just don't expect what you actually ordered* or it to arrive any time soon.

    *to be fair they seem to usually provide a higher priced alternative if there is no stock

  • Still waiting.

    I gave them 5 working days from the date of the order then sent an email asking if they knew when the helmet would be posted.
    The reply advised they were out of stock but expected a delivery on the 18th. Which would mean they aim to send the item on Monday 21st.

    I await Monday's confirmation of shipping email with baited breath.

  • No confirmation of delivery as promised and they're not replying to my emails asking what's going on.

    I would strongly urge people to avoid this shop.

  • Its impressive how consistently bad peoples experiences are with this shop and always the same story.

  • If you Google their contact address it's actually a third party e-commerce company called DMS who handle their and lots of other company's "logistics'.

    VS looks like it's just a e-commerce storefront with none of their own stock held at all or dedicated staff.

    edit confirmed in the blurb, VS use DMS's "just in time" stock handling service aka "we hold no stock"

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Velodrome Shop

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